Fedor "Last Emperor" Shirt


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Apr 29, 2005
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Does anyone know where I can find that Fedor shirt he used to wear to the ring with the eagle on the front with wings that stretch across the chest? The closest I have gotten is here:


But they are out of stock. I've spent hours trying to find it, but have come up with nothing. I also spent hours trying to find a cro cop shirt and somebody knew the answer in a couple of seconds. I'm hoping somebody out there can help me out again. Thanks.
Thats a sick looking shirt, if it came in my size I'd order it
I think they ship to the US through Fedor's web site, but I am not sure.
Fightsport.fr do seem to ship to the US, yes.

Fedor's shirts only are available through his site, these are categorised as Red Devil shirts and are exclusive to the Fightsport.fr site. Fightsport.fr is a martial arts publication in Europe that sponsors events now and then, they are not to be confused with the shitty rumour site that is fightsport.com.