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May 27, 2006
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Thought this would be a great article to read for all the guys posting on here about wanting to lose a few lbs.

1. Losing weight isn't easy

2. Read this before reading the article

alwyn cosgrove said:

i did copy and paste and whenever i typed it in it came out with the m-e-t-a as ****
I enjoy doing 2 excercises back to back like that because it takes less time to get in a good workout and it increases the heart rate during training.

I'd like to see everyone's take on how this might effect strength gains and what not.
i think as far as strength gains, it's better than doing nothing.. but certainly is not optimal.

if the goal was strength gains, there's much better programs out there. I bet you'd still gain strength and put on muscle with this program, but if your goal isn't fat loss, you'd be better off with a different program that was more centered on your goals.