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    Out of curiosity what are some good resources you guys have encountered that you would recommend when it comes to arming yourself with some powerlifting knowledge and all things associated? Im thinking mainly in programming and different methodologies but it could even be something about nutrition even.

    To get the ball rolling here are some that i have come across.

    Destroy The Opposition - Jamie Lewis (book)

    Jamie Lewis is a former world record holder in the 181lbs weight class for raw powerlifting. He runs a Blog called "Chaos and Pain" which also deserves to be mentioned as a solid resource when you get past the obscene images of blood and porn (his blog is def nsfw) But this book outlines the programs that were used by so many great powerlifters through out history and he goes into great detail breaking them all down and offers up specialist programs to go. Jamie is definitely unorthodox and his intensity is through the roof but he is extremely intelligent and you can tell that from his writing. I would post his blog here but there is way too much porn on it and i dont want to be banned. Look for it in google and find his blogspot version and not the blog that links to his supplement company.

    Lift Run Bang-Paul Carter (Blog)
    Paul Carter is like the Iron Whisperer. There is a lot of information to be had in this dudes blog and what i like about him in particular is that he has been in the game so long that he imparts a lot of wisdom for the older athlete and longevity. He has a very no nonsense approach and his training methods would be a complete opposite to what jamie lewis would espouse. He is built like a brick shit house and he has coached Pete Rubish in the past (to my knowledge).


    Intelligent powerlifter with many of his own books written and a blog with practical advice.

    Stan Efferdings vertical diet seminar (YT video)

    If you haven't watched this video i strongly suggest you do. Stan knows his shit and he isn't really preaching anything new here but in this video he sort of breaks down the basics of what drives progress with a strong emphasis on his "vertical diet" which is nothing more than wholesome advice as to how to organize your diet. Again nothing new but extremely practical/ no-nonsense advice on nutrition for the aspiring athlete.

    Here are some notes compiled by some reddit user on the entire seminar if you would rather not sit through the entirety of the video.
    Chiefdawg4624 53 points 1 month ago*

    Formatting may be off but notes I took on a word doc copy and pasted from everything he goes over. Hope it helps!

    Sleep *Pay attention to circadian rhythm- know when your body wants to sleep 10-6 or 11-7 *7-9 hours of sleep a day depending on muscle mass and activity *Every hour before midnight is like 2 hours instead of 1 *Wake up at same time every day *Pitch black room *No electronics before bed about an hour before bed *Have a lot of light in the morning *Vitamin D3- immunity insulin sensitivity circadian rhythm

    Vitamin D *8000 IUs a day

    Sleep apnea *Cpap

    Sodium *Increases performance *Increases stamina *Increases endurance *Increases blood volume *Use Iodized salt *Salt every meal *Stimulate liver *Detox *3 grams-6 grams every day

    Water *Drink when you are thirsty *Salt drinks don’t work *Lack of performance=lack of minerals *Peeing clear not good

    Protein *1 gram per pound of body weight *20 grams per meal gives 90% *40 grams per meal is optimal *Older athletes need more *40 grams pre sleep *4+ meals per day *Luecine 15-30 minutes before meals *BCAA ineffective

    Fats *Fats are good *Fats help lose fat *Cholesterol based animal proteins *Always throw one egg yolk in with egg whites

    Red Meat *B vitamins *Heme-Iron *Zinc *Magnesium *Creatine

    Processed Vegetable Oils *Poison *Use butter instead *Coconut, olive, are all ok *Steak salmon and eggs get your fat in there

    Carbs *Protect muscle tissue from being used as energy *Fuel workouts *Lower carbs for weight loss *Increase carbs for weight gain *Low carb-still need fruit it stimulates liver *Time carbs pre and post workout *High carb-easy to digest carbs white rice and fruits *Foundation carbs- Sweet potato, spinach, peppers, carrots *One sweet potato a day, one carrot a day, *White rice easy to digest

    Fod map *How easy food is digested

    Caffeine *Performance enhancer *Post workout helps get nutrients to your body faster *Problem is the more you have the less it does for you *600 mg is the effective dose *No extra calories *Don't want to take it too late at night so it doesn't interrupt sleep *Does not use pre workout food and sodium more important for performance *Take no doze tablet before workout (100 mg) *Take 100 mg post workout *Can wreak havoc on adrenals use sparingly

    Cardiio *Body responds to what you do so don’t be doing a bunch of steady state cardio if you want to be strong *Reason is because your muscle is heavy, has high oxygen demand, high nutrient demand, and needs a lot of *water so cardio will make body want to get rid of it *Body responds to stimulus that you put on it

    HIIT Under Load *Improved cardiovascular benefits while stimulating muscles *Weights exercises, higher reps, and supersets *Weighted carries, stairs, pushing prowlers, recumbent bike *Gets blood to muscles for recovery *Brief less than ten minutes

    10 minute walks *Increases insulin sensitivity *Decreased gas *Improved digestion *Decreased DOMs *Aids in recovery *3 10 minute walks better than one 30 minute walk

    Calories *70% burned at rest from BMR *15% burned from daily activities NEAT *10% burned by eating TEF *5% burned from exercise EAT *That's why he cares more about optimizing thyroid because your body will burn most at rest *More exercise does not equal more fat loss *He likes two a days 45 minutes in the morning and 20 to 30 at night *Staying active during the day *High protein diet

    Hormones *Lack of salt from too much cardio or lack of sleep *Slow thyroid slow metabolism, lack of sleep, increased cortisol, decreased testosterone *Blood test is important to see what you are lacking

    Supplements *Can help but should never replace food *Post workout shake *Prioritize food over shakes *Too little of nutrient can cause lack of performance *Too much can also cause lack of performance *Not huge fan of multivitamins

    Detox *You can detox your system from juice or anything *Only your own body can do it *Provide nutrients that let your body do its job *Best detox is stop putting that crap in your mouth

    Post workout drink *Quickly replace water, glycogen, and sodium *Fructose, dextrose, sodium, 100 mg caffeine, no proteins or fats *Fructose OJ *Dextrose buy online *600 mg of sodium *Caffeine helps accelerate

    Diet Calorie balance *Calories in and calories out *Rather increase workload rather then cut calories *Hardest is compliance every diet works when adhered to *Protein key nutrient *Eggs and dairy more important for nutrients they provide *Chicken and turkey are ok *Red meat more nutrient dense *Carbs are not the enemy calories are *Make adjustment but stay in calorie limit *Variety is good dont get restricted by diet *Horizontal is everything we always need *Vertical is steak and rice basically what we change amounts of to gain or lose weight

    Horizontal part of diet *Supply bulk of micro nutrients *Aid in detoxifying body *Improve digestion *Stimulate hormones *Do not cause gas or bloating *Shouldn’t contribute to digestive problems

    Bone Broth or Chicken stock *Has Vitamins *Minerals *Good for gut health *Gelatin *Helps digestion a lot

    Low gas veggies *Carrots *Cooked spinach *Cucumber *Squash *Zucchini

    Fiber menace *Stretches intestinal track (kills good bacteria) *Anti nutrients (phyticacid, lectins) *Polyunsaturated fats (grains, legumes) *Indigestible fibers increase methane (gas, bloating) *Just be careful and listen to body to see how your body handles fiber

    Fatty fish *Try to have twice a week *Vitamin A *Iodine *Omega-3s

    Cranberry juice *Fresh produced pure not concentrate *Iodine *Vitamins K, C *Antioxidant *Tannins(urinary tract/bladder) *Fiber *Phytochemicals *Immune system *4 oz twice a day

    Sweet Potato *Almost perfect food (low b12) *Vitamins *Pre-Biotic *Resistant to Startch *Highest allergen foods *Milk *Eggs *Peanuts *Wheat *Soy *shellfish

    Why white rice *Easy to digest *No phytic acid *No polyunsaturated

    Dairy *High in calcium *Vitamin D *Probiotics

    Eggs *Protein *Omega-3s *Choline(Brain, Nerves, Cardio) *Vitamin D *Sulpher

    So there it is, it would be great if we could all sort of pitch in and share some good resources with everyone here. There are many people i would like to look into like Mike Tuchscherer, Josh Bryant and Dr. Isratel's works.
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    3 steps ahead of you
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    Anything by Matt Wenning, he’s got a few hour long seminars on YouTube and also a series called “so you think you can squat.”
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    Hey mate Super training is a great read, very long and detailed so takes a few rereads to really get the info.
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    The PowerliftingToWin channel on YouTube has some in-depth content about various PL topics. This deadlift video is a good example:

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