Ed Coan's Squat Program


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Jun 13, 2005
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I found this in the "Weightlifting Encyclopedia" while I was searching for Dreschler's description of the High Pull technique to introduce to a separate discussion in another thread. For those of you who don't know this book, well, Hatfield's quote will tell you more than I could in 100 pages:
"...the single most important book ever written on Olympic Weightlifting."
- Fred Hatfield (Dr. Squat)

Onto the show.

Apparently Ed doesn't believe in expressing workouts as percentages, so Dreschler took the max weight he hit two weeks before competition and used that as the 1RM (975 pounds). Also, if you're confused by the stagnation of the load in the first four weeks, apparently Ed trains without wraps or suits in those weeks, so they're actually more intense than the first couple of weeks that follows them.

He squatted only 1x per week, and did deadlifts and heavy back work once more several days later in the week.

Besides that, we only get the percentages and work record for his squats, not his assistance lifts. But we are told that he will also perform one set:
Leg Extensions
Leg Curls
Leg Press (Single Leg)
Seated Calf Raise

WEEK 1: 77.4% x 3
WEEK 2: 79.0% x 3
WEEK 3: 80.5% x 2
WEEK 4: 82.1% x 2
WEEK 5: 79.0% x 5
WEEK 6: 81.0% x 5
WEEK 7: 83.1% x 5
WEEK 8: 85.1% x 5
WEEK 9: 87.2% x 5
WEEK 10: 89.2% x 5
WEEK 11: 91.3% x 5
WEEK 12: 93.3% x 3
WEEK 13: 95.4% x 3
WEEK 14: 97.4% x 2
WEEK 15: 100.0% x 1
WEEK 16: 84.6% x 5
WEEK 17: 100.0% x 1

So more guys can see it. Notice how simple it is. He's doing sets of 5 nearly the whole damn time.
thank you for posting that. interesting to know, and yes, it is surprisingly simple