Eat Lightning and Crap Thunder



Gonna make this blog type of log to keep my training in check, I have been slacking off way too much and my own brick and mortar training log hasn't been updated in 2 months.

Time for a change.

Goals: Functional strength using unconventional methods for MMA.

So far I have been focusing more so on sandbag training and rope climbing rather than going to the gym to pump iron. But Im gonna mix things up now.

Sandbag training




Sandbag / sledgehammer work

MMA + Gym.

For the gym Im gonna keep it as simple as possible. Deadlift, with Press and pull motions 2 days a week. I don't have a set routine for this part, just go into the gym and pick out the exercises that will help my functional strength the most.

Sandbag work. Im gonna start incorporating more than just sandbag shoulderings. Ill start using Sandbag throws, tosses, pulls on a sled, things that will make me more explosive. I have to thank these sandbags though for making my strength go through the roof.

I guess thats enough for now, basically just an outline.
Back to the weight room after a long stop. I realize I have stopped for too long, all my lifts have gone down the drain.


worked up to 225 for reps. My previous PR of 300 will have wait for now.

Incline DB Press


Everything felt well except the obvious drop in strength. Will have to work back to previous PR of 65.


Couldn't do weighted dips because of broken chain.

Did sets of 15.

I did lose a lot of weight room strength, but hasn't effected my overall performance.
Another day at the weight room trying to get my strength back.

Bent rows

111 warmup reps
135 8 reps
157 5 reps

Didn't want to go heavier on this because I don't know if my lower back can handle it. Just starting to regain lower back strength.


225 10 reps
269 5 reps

Trying to build it to previous PR for reps of 315.

Military Press

Worked up to 111

Time was running short so I had to leave early.

Next strength workout will most likely be sandbag. Im gonna try and make it an explosive workout.

225 5x
247 2x
247 2x

Gonna go for 269 on next deadlift day. Deadlifts are gaining. I can see myself back to original PR of 291 very soon.

Flat DB Press

55 8x
60 4x

Dips + 15 KG

3 sets of 7.

Can increase Next time.
Fucking midterms having been eating into everything I planned.

225 4x

Took it easy on these. Today felt like shit. So much going on.


269 5x

Tried going for 300 but only got one rep in.

DB flat press

60 4x
60 4x


30 kg 7 reps for 3 sets.

Training has gone sour past 2 weeks. No time for anything and with 2 more midterms on friday I'd be surprised to get one more session in this week.
Finally midterms are over, time to fucking train again.

Boxing today.

Haven't sparred in weeks, but I haven't lost my endurance yet. Light sparring sessions today, only 7 rounds. Rest was drills.

Some things I need to work on:

-Keeping chin down.
-Body tight when opponent is coming in with punches, felt i was starting to get wide and sloppy.
-Work southpaw some more, didn't feel as comfortable as I was with this style.
-Commit more to an attack. Felt I was giving away too many oppurtunuties.

Hopefully tonight I will be able to hit the gym.
I haven't yet achieved the decibell level of thunder, but it does irritate me when I try to crap but only fart.
Me too.


Mostly calisthenics.

12 rounds in the ring, 2 minute rounds, 1 minute break.

Atleast my cardio is back. Went through these rounds without running out of gas. Fighting cardio is back into shape.

My mind wasn't 100% into it but I still held up.

Next sparring session I'm gonna go all southpaw. Im feeling more and more comfortable with this one.

Sandbag shoulderings.

Started with 70 lbs, increased 18, and finally to 95 lbs.

around 7-8 reps with 95 lbs. I feel my functional strength and finger strength is hitting through the roof here.

Tried a 105 lb bag but could only get it to my shoulders and not over them.

The heavy duty bag is showing huge signs of wear and tear. Gonna have to get a new one.
Saturday, November 5

Sparring day, 45 mins of sparring.

10 rounds, 2 min rounds, 45 sec rest.

then 2 more rounds with Kenny, a monster fighter.

I need to work more on circling the ring with jabs against Kenny. Kenny is forcing me to fight off the ropes too much where he has the advantage having a shorter range. Im taking too much punishment off the ropes.

I know I can do better against him but I had 10 rounds before he stepped in.

Strength Training:

Rope Climbing for 5 minutes. 3x up the rope. Grip strength is getting stronger in this area.
Wednesday workout


225 4x
249 3x
269 2x

These felt pretty easy. Next week I'm definately gonna be able to go for my previous PR.

Weighted Dips

35 7x
35 7x
45 5x
45 4x

Improving on these. Not bad

Weighted Chins

22 7x
22 7x
35 5x

These have also been improving.

Good session so far. Making a few PRs and improving strength wise overall.
Monday Workout November 14

Bent rows

89 lbs warmup
135 lbs 8 reps
157 lbs 6 reps
179 lbs 4 reps


35 lbs 10x
45 lbs 6x
45 lbs 6x

Improving on the dips as well. These are getting better and better.

Lots of chinups throughout the day.
thecreator said:
I haven't yet achieved the decibell level of thunder, but it does irritate me when I try to crap but only fart.

Now that I actually read this... laughing at me?

I dont focus all my attention on how much my lifting numbers are like many people on this board. Too bad people with bloated egos still infest the world with their concerns about how much weight they put up in the weight room.

I focus on performance in the ring. I only put a fraction of my training in these logs.
Saturday workout


247 5x
269 3x
291 1x

I hit my previous PR. It definately felt a lot better doing it this time than last time. Next week ill stick with either 250 or 270 depending on how my back feels. It really sore right now.


35 lb 10x
45 lb 8x
45 lb 7x

These are improving as well. Got a few more reps than last time.

Weights pullups.

22 lb 7x
33 lb 5x

Should have done one more set but had to go quickly.

All in all a good day with a few more PRs.