Drinking My Supplements?

The Buzz Killr

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Jan 19, 2006
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Up until now, the only supplements I've been taking are fish oil capsules and drinking green tea. I'm getting ready to change my diet around quite a bit, and was thinking about adding green supplements and flax oil to my daily routine.

Price wise, getting the powder is the about the same as getting the capsules, and I'm more comfortable taking pills over drinking something that looks like, well, just bad. Nonetheless, my question is is there any real advantage to getting the powders and mixing them in shake/drink form over taking them in capsule form? A few of the guys in my BJJ class that it makes a difference, but I can't imagine how it would. Any help please?
What are you talking about supplement wise.

Generally for the amount you get, the price per gram for powder is cheaper then for pills.

Also, pills have a slower absorption rate then pills (thats obvious through surface area).
The greens pills that are the same price as greens powder, aren't the same greens powder, only in pill form. The only greens pill that really compares to the powdered variant, is greens+ pills. Which is just greens+, put into capsules, and for more money.