Media Dricus Du Plessis says he is the new best boxer in the UFC after defeating Strickland

There is an elbow on the exit as well. Heads do appear to connect as DDP comes up or at least drags across. Couldn't find a larger version of that segment without the eye...

There is this headbutt tho...

ironically enough, there's is a tweat on the screenshot having strickland winning round 3, the round that cost strickland the SD, round 4 had no bearing on the fight.
It’s funny how MMA rewards ineffective aggression in striking… you can punch arms and air from way outside striking range and win fights off scoring criteria lol.

Good defense and clean well placed shots are completely overlooked in the sport.
It's been a long since I saw a championship fight with this low level of skill level. This reminded of the UFC from the 1980's and not in a good way.
his boxing is not that great, even by mma standards, izzy and poatan are way better
Nah, Dricus is just joking.
He knows there are fools who say much sillier shit. Like submitting someone who has the most submissions in the UFC, makes you the best submission artist in the UFC. Many fighters have low IQ, but Dricus is not one of them.
In that case, he should show up to Sean's gym where the two can put on boxing gloves and see who's best. Record it for the world to see.
He got outboxed while throwing haymakers and panic wrestled.

It was not a good performance considering they gave him the win.

Sean won the fight in my opinion.