Do you take it easy on women?


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Oct 20, 2005
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When you roll with women of equal or superior rank, even if their weight is near yours, do you go all out? Give it your best?
I can
I went my normal intensity this one time. She was about my weight, a blue belt in BJJ and Brown in Judo. I submitted her a few times. I felt bad afterwards.
I wouldn't say I take it "easy" on them, but it depends. If they're a white belt, then I would take it easy on anyone. But some of the girls I know roll just as hard as the guys, and if you relax or don't pay attention, they'll catch you!
taking it easy won't help them at all but i do feel weird doing certain moves on girls as you hands often end up where you "want" them to go
when im in their guard i cant help but feel pussy lips.. and think about doing them.

Then i pass mount and shove my dick in their face.. smile... they defend.. armbar tof inish
It depends on the woman. I used to roll BJJ with a girl who was good so I couldn't afford to go easy or she would beat me easily. But on the judo team now the girls on our team are more girlie, and will cry if you go to hard (and none of them are any challenge on the ground, and only the best are even close to a challenge standing). But some girls (or women, I should say) from an opposing team came to spar last week and they were as strong, as fast, as agile and techincal as any high ranking male judoka. Actually, they were stronger and better than most of our guys. So it was more a fight for survivale with their brown belts and an even match with their lwoer belts.

Depends on the woman/girl.
only had two against me

one if I even tried a throw she'd go flying due to poor defense. So yes on that one.

the other we've only done a limited amount of groundwork, she has crappy defense, but won't tap until her arm is about to break.
I don't fight with women. Call me sexist if you like, but they can grab one of you guys if they want to get better.
i limit my use of rude moves and try to flow more when i roll with the ladies. i.e. no nasty crossfaces and dropping the shoulder when im in sidemount. i just play a more wideopen game so im not putting all my weight on them cause i feel bad about it. i did get my ass ruthlessly kicked by kyra, but still couldnt bring myself to be a bastard about it.
no. i dont plant my head or forearm in the neck. i dont grind passes and etc.

on a guy i have no qualms about being rough. you need to learn to be nasty (not eye gouging, but put him in discomfort 100% of the time) and he needs to learn how to do his techniques when being punished. it's part of the game.
I keylock my three month old daughter, and throw headbutts when she tries to shrimp through.

In seriousness, I've only rolled with a woman in Judo, and she was a gorgeous brown belt form France. I used to put her in modified scarf, and just squeeze so she'd pant.

I loved Rising Sun with Sean Connery.
Yeah, but that's because most of them are not more experienced than I am. But the time will come when I meet one that catches me.

I was watching this guy and girl grapple, and the girl almost triangled him, almost.
I've sparred a women a long time ago, after about 3 months of my own training in BJJ. I went all out. I likely wanted blood.

She tapped me probably 3 times in 5 minutes.
I'll train as hard as the girl can take, same as with the guys. Makes no difference to me.
i watched a girl wrestle some guy at a tournament i was in. im too heavy to wrestle a woman and if one ever fit my weightclass, i'd most likely be frightened.

this chick kept armdragging him into a shoulder throw. it was the only move she did but he couldnt block it for shit. funny stuff, plus he's in a lose-lose situaiton.

my friend jay coleman had to wrestle a girl once. beat her ass. he threw legs and just racked a ton of back points with a high-ball kinda ride and a variety of crossfaces. dominate~1
idk i go easy but what am i gonna do when wrestling season starts if i lose to a girl i'd have no pride left.
ill go up to as hard as they are going, of course for a guy he can easily surpass a womans intensity, but i wouldnt call it easy, just equal?

Its a werids subject, it depends on the girl too
YOu should use technique, not strength or weight, to spar with women. It is good practice for you and them.
I rolled against a woman once. Her skeletal frame was delicate, like a little bird. Anyway, we rolled and I remember putting a hardcore wicked can opener on her delicate little neck (I'm closer to 180 lbs or more). She just flailed wildly (perhaps she was tapping? I couldn't really tell, cuz I was cranking it so hard) until she finally stopped moving altogether. I got up and changed clothes to leave. When I left the dojo 10 minutes later, she appeared to still be lying on the mat in the same spot that I left her with her eyes closed. I guess she was just resting. :eek:

It's fun training with women.