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Oct 12, 2004
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Hey guys for those of you who are wondering what all the hype is with Dinosaur Training I have something for you.

Today I was lucky and spend 1hr on the phone with Mr. Dinosaur Training himself Brooks Kubik and we talked about his book and the 12 elements that make up Dino training. I recorded the interview and have attached the link on the bottom of this

Here is some more of what we talked about.

1. Brooks background in wrestling and lifting comps.

2. Dinosaur Training (the book).

3. The 12 Elements of Dinosaur Training

4. The true value of grip training for grapplers

5. Sandbag training for grapplers

6. The difference between training for functional strength and bodybuilding

7. What every grappler needs to know about strength training

8. How Dinosaur Training traces its roots to old time strongmen and old time wrestlers

9. What Brooks learned from Arthur Saxon

10. Things Brooks learned from Nat Fleischer, former editor of Ring magazine

11. How Joe Stecher used sandbags to train the most devastating body scissors in the history of the game

12. The importance of mental toughness for grapplers, athletes and lifters

And that's only a partial list of what we covered.


If you do not own a copy of Dinosaur Training and are a member of this site then you are missing out. www.brookskubik.com

Enjoy and feel free to post your feedback or drop me a line at [email protected]

Awesome! I look forward to listening to it.

Brooks has caught a lot of crap over the years for commercial reasons mostly, but DT was an inspiration to me, and obviously many other serious lifters.
Just a few general observations:

-I like Kubiks well rounded approach to strength training, as well as his putting conditioning and skill specific work above strength work. I think he leans perhaps a little bit toward being too abbreviated in his training.
-His ideas about focus are key, that's really what stuck with me more than anything from the book.
-Listen to him about grip people, you guys need to be training that shit for real
- I only have two issues with Brooks A. he makes himself sound better than he is, benching a shirted low 400's in the 220 submasters isn't that good at all, even drug free. and B. that dude sounds like he really enjoys hearing himself talk.

Who's having a really easy time picturing the "founder of dinsaur training" saying "Yeeeah, Peter I'm gonna need ya to come in on Saturday....."
Shoot, I wasn't trying to be. I thought Kubiks book was awesome, and I think everybody should read it. I learned a lot from that guy.

I just hate it when people can't recognize a persons faults as well as their strengths. He talks about his 415 or whatever, at a fucking NASA meet like it's APF Seniors Nationals or something.
I know you were kidding. Brooks has really good info in the book and gave a really good look into his training methods and his mindset in his interveiw with us.

Send me your address via email and I will send you a copy of my new book to review if you would like. [email protected]
I just wish his site had an online order form, as opposed to having to do the whole 2 way airmail thing.
hughes said:
I just wish his site had an online order form, as opposed to having to do the whole 2 way airmail thing.

You can order it through ironmind as well!!
The one question I wished you'd have asked that you didn't was "why did the first edition copies of DT include extensive information about training with hammerstrength machines while no subsequent copies have been made with said information?"
Great interview. Thanks for posting it. I really appreciate it. Everyone should listen to this interview and Read the Brooks book, "Dinasour Training". Thanks again !
What kind of equpment do you need to utilize this book to the fullest??
A barbell. Seriously.

A sandbag or two couldn't hurt though. Or a thickbar.
Cool to hear his voice. I bought the book a couple of years ago. Great motivator and got me interested in grip work.
CarnalSalvation said:
A barbell. Seriously.

A sandbag or two couldn't hurt though. Or a thickbar.

Fuck, I'm gonna get it then. I thought I'd need a log and a keg and shit like that!!!
no that is just part of the training.

Really great stuff in his book for the price its well worth it.
The best book. Great interview. Brooks is the man!!!!!!! Dino training rules baby..