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Did not watch a single fight this weekend. Did i miss anything? Boxing? Glory? BKFC? XARM?


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Jan 20, 2013
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I can't remember the last time I had a weekend where I did not watch ANY fights. If there is no good UFC event I tend to catch a boxing match, I have been enjoying BKFC lately, their shows are fun and I have caught some good kickboxing recently in part thanks to @BoxerMaurits who has been kind enough to remind me about a lot of good Glory events.

But this weekend... nothing.

And I didn't see shit in the news or in my YouTube Feed either. Just that fucking what's his stupid ass got KOed.. with the inhaler and the domestic violence .. Hardy? Greg Hardy? Is that his name?? Meh... not worth watching.

But surely there must have been SOMETHING!!

Some org had to have been smart enough to spot the void and seize the power vacuum oportunity to be the only game in town?? BKFC has done well putting Mike Perry on some of these weekends without a lot of competition, or maybe Karate Combat has hopped in but I didn't hear about either.

What did I miss?

Anything worth going to watch on YouTube?
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I found a Jungle Fight event on one of the pirate sites.
BKFC had a less than spectacular card in Mexico. The first 5 fights all went to decision, all splits and draws :(
Yea I stopped watching a few fights in, worst card they put on in a while.
We've got good shit coming up now till fight week though
A fair fight!

If PVZ had a competent manager, he would have called her and said "Karate Combat is really happening right now, you can use your best weapon (your kicks), forget about this 'social media boxing' crap, it's a lose/lose situation." But apparently her manager is the same guy who managed Tonya Harding.
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