Dawn Of The Dead(Lifters) - Competiton Team Log


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Dec 12, 2006
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I think this is a great and diverse team. You all can start thinking of a team name and make sure I get accurate starting numbers for everybody. Remember this comp is for deadlift and overhead so if you haven't given a press number yet, be sure to do so. I look forward to working with you all.

BobVulture Log
Starting (Strict)Press:114
Ending Press:

Starting Deadlift:324
Ending Deadlift:

Total Improvement:

DrBdan Log
Starting (Strict)Press:135
Ending Press:142

Starting Deadlift:455
Ending Deadlift:

Total Improvement:+7lbs

Starting (Push)Press:235
Ending Press:

Starting Deadlift:535
Ending Deadlift:550

Total Improvement: 15 lbs

Starting Jerk:240
Ending Jerk:

Starting Deadlift:405
Ending Deadlift:420lbs

Total Improvement:+15lbs improvement.

Hybrid_killer Log
Starting Press:165
Ending Press:

Starting Deadlift:440
Ending Deadlift:

Total Improvement:

Kinglee Log
Starting (Strict) Press:143
Ending Press:

Starting Deadlift:440
Ending Deadlift:

Total Improvement:

Starting (Strict)Press:156.2
Ending Press:

Starting Deadlift:352
Ending Deadlift:

Total Improvement:

MMAfreedom Log
Starting (Strict)Press:165
Ending Press:

Starting Deadlift:395
Ending Deadlift:420 DL

Total Improvement:

Starting (Strict)Press:135
Ending Press:

Starting (Sumo)Deadlift:350
Ending Deadlift:

Total Improvement:

Starting (Strict) Press:195
Ending Press:

Starting Deadlift:325
Ending Deadlift:

Total Improvement:

Starting Press:?
Ending Press:

Starting Deadlift:330
Ending Deadlift:

Total Improvement:

SmashiusClay Log
Starting (strict)Press:203
Ending Press:

Starting Deadlift:385
Ending Deadlift:

Total Improvement:

TheeFaulted Log
Starting (Push)Press:205 (*with knee and wrist wraps)
Ending Press:

Starting Deadlift:500
Ending Deadlift:

Total Improvement:

Twisted Elbow Log
Starting (Push)Press:185
Ending Press:

Starting Deadlift:365
Ending Deadlift:

Total Improvement:

Total Team Improvement 37 lbs

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Just dropping in, its pretty late here. Looks like we have a damn solid team.

My starting DL is 200 Kg, I'll be strict pressing but I need to test that, will have starting number for that within a week.
AWwww Yaaa seeing quite a few Blitzkrieg guy up in here, we gonna kill this!!!
You're just so enthusiastic.

enthusiastic, just none too bright, fixed that for you.

Glad to be aboard.

Deadlift 175, push press 92.5 both in kilograms, both done with a belt, wrist wraps for the press.

I' m still arguing we need to name a team for one of these comps team penetration, failing that the walking dead(lifters) would be kinda cool, obviously making the same corny joke with any Romero zombie movie works (team of the living dead(lifters) etc.).
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I like the zombie idea

Dawn of the Dead(lifters) (We'll press your brains out)

Night of the Living Dead(lifters)

The Walking Dead(Lifters)
I like Dawn of the Dead(Lifters)

Are we logging all weight training sessions, or just pull/press ones?
Signing in.

Been sick as a dog for a week so my numbers still stand at 71kg OH press and 160kg deadlift.

Hopefully I will be fully recovered in a few days so I can start sneaking in some training, going to be fun.:)
Looking forward to this guys, glad to have been drafted! I too agree on the zombie themed name
I agree, I do like the zombie names...especially since my secret to my progress is bath salts. :D

lol, anyways. I've been sick the last 2 days, and my first session of the new year'll be tomorrow. So I'm not completely sure how that'll go.
Dawn of the Dead(lifters) sounds good.

I'm taking the rest of this week off but I can't wait to get this show on the road.

Starting numbers:

Press: 75 (belted)
Deadlift: 200 (no belt)

Good luck to all!
Well I thought i'd start my progression off with SOHP. Currently don't have my gym available as it's closed for another five days or so over the break, so i'm limited to make do with a barbell and 110kgs of weights. After three days of binge drinking, dancing deep into the night, a lack of food and sleeping in a tent, i'm actually surprised at how much I managed to lift.

Primary movement
Standing Military Press:
30 kg x 5 reps
45 kg x 5 reps
55 kg x 2 reps
65 kg x 8 reps - this is a predicted rep max p.r.
60 kg x 10 reps
55 kg x 12 reps

Klokov Press:
45 kg x 10 reps
35 kg x 10 reps
Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press:
20 kg x 10 reps
20 kg x 10 reps
Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise:
12 kg x 20 reps
Seems like there's support for some sort of zombie-related team name. I'm down for that. I like Dawn of the Dead(lifters).

I'll be posting any lifting where I press or pull and since I will be pressing almost every session (mostly bench) I'll be posting pretty much all my lifting.