Daniel Cormier signs multi fight deal in UFC

Kind of a big deal, right? Now let's get Barnett.
He better not be looking past Staring.

to me, this is actually showing the opposite - hes signing now, opposed to after the next fight, when he will either look even better after a big ko or look vulnerable somehow - hes hedging himself, as is the ufc, in my opinion in some ways

he is a great looking fighter and could be champ, or he could just get owned by someone or go to a decision with them and not look great - then people can say that barnett was over the hill and silva just got clipped, and cormier never beat anyone

its that close man - so signing now and not waiting is him locking himself in a bit
immediately go after jones and I will be a fan.
It maybe me but I don't think Dana likes DC. DC said the contract is shorter then usual? I think Dana could have a problem with DC's age and fighting style? I think Dana could also have issues with the possibility of Cain not wanting to fight DC?