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Dana White "Faber/Barao Was A GReat Technical Fight And If U Didnt Like It Your A Mor


Nov 1, 2012
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Did u agree with Dana when he said this at the post fight presser.
Who cares, this was ages ago, and there were a ton of threads about it when it happened. Really doesn't need to be brought up again.
still havent watched... cant find a version of the fight :S
yeah, I thought that was a decent fight. Barao clearly won but it wasnt deserving of boos imo
Didn't Dana himself talk about how crappy he felt the whole event was? I'm all for "technical" fights but sometimes that word gets used to mask a non entertaining fight

Just cuz a fight is labeled technical doesn't mean it can't be exciting...in any case, not just that one
I wouldn't say your a moron if you didn't like it but I thought it was a good fight
You on some kind of mission to come up with stupid threads as much as possible TS?
Yeah, it wasn't a FOTY candidate by any means... but it was still a good fight.
technical fight my ass. Dana white is the kind of guy who can never admit he was wrong or apologize for anything.
It was a decent fight. It just came on after three absolute snoozers, and wasn't enough to draw people's interest back in.
Nothing really happened all that much. I could have gone on with my life just fine if I never saw that fight.
it was a bad fight. i'm a fuckin moron, too, so i'm quite comfortable with feeling this way.

what made that fight seem worse was that it was a MAIN EVENT with a lot of potential. i can only think of one worse main event last yr: maynard/guida.... but each of them has had many boring fights in the past so it was not such a big disappointment.

i've had the fight on my dvr for 6 months and have only seen it twice, so i cant remember specifics. i just know that it was a boring striking battle that went 25 minutes but was settled about 2 minutes in. i cant blame barao for not trying to go for the kill; he was doing well following aldo's blueprint (his legkicks are half as mean). i suppose i can blame faber for not trying to make something happen, but even that is easier said than done.

but the fight was horrible, and the event overall was a fuckin catastrophe
I thought it was a good fight by no means a barn burner but still good
I liked the fight yes. I agree it just came on after a couple terrible fights and at that point the audience had been lost.
It was a good fight but the fights that were before it so bad if i remmeber right was kongo vs jordan and Boetsch vs Lombard which were both 2 of the worst fights of the year
It wasnt the tecnical showing of Machida vs Shogun I but it was definitily a good fight and didnt deserve the boos it was getting.