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Dana (Mad at Dan Mirgliotta!): Ok that is officially the END of Dan M!!!!


Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?
Mar 27, 2010
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that was a very late stoppage, he took about 5 elbows and 2 or 3 punches that were totally unnecessarry!
I was screaming at my screen. That was not OK. Not a single one of those was blocked/defended
Counted 14 extra strikes after Tavares was no longer defending himself that Miragliotta allowed before he stopped the fight.


Horrible late stoppage... candidate for worst stoppage of the year I'm sure.

Elbows too... man.... dude is going to have a headache for the next couple of days getting over that.
That was pretty late.
You should've seen how many unnecessary shots he let Mir take from Carwin. On a side note, anik and florian's total lack of enthusiasm really deflates big moments.
That pissed me off. Should've been stopped 7 elbows ago.
Yeah he wasn't even attempting to defend himself
If you just seen that late stoppage on Tavares. He took like 5 shot to many not to mention some other awful calls tonight. Its one thing to make a bad call its another when a fighters health is put at risk. Thoughts?
No, he was covering himself well until the stoppage. He took at most 2 shots when he went limp, before that he was covering up well, imo. Sure he wasn't doing a lot but he was covering most of the elbows.
Damn pretty late big dans having a terrible night
But fuck 19-0 and 24 what a killer
That was embarrassing. Dude is absolutely getting pummeled with elbows and he just lets it go for a minute.
His movement is immense and the angles/speed he hits from. Guy is a serious prospect.
Couldn't believe how long he let that go. My boy khabib got the job done though.