Daggon's Training Log

Post your vids if ya want. Always good to watch.

A recommendation for your workouts - add in a horizontal rowin' motion (bent over rows/dynamic rows/somethin' like that) to counter balance your bench press. Also, I wouldn't do the same liftin' workout twice a week. If you feel like you should, I'd drop the poundages on the bench and squat and do 'em as dynamic effort insteada max effort.
BORs insteada cleans is good... Change the second bench to snatches, I think. If you think your CNS can handle squattin' twice a week, I think you'll be alright leavin' that there, although I probably wouldn't squat heavy more than once a week, unless you're doin' squats and milk or somethin' like that. Go with a lighter weight and focus on speed and form.
If you can get up in time, maybe do sprints or other conditionin' in the mornin'... I can't, so I end up doin' later at night, or after liftin'.
That's cool that you found a staircase nearby, they're great for hiit training.