Crypto Megathread v36 - BITCOIN HITS ALL-TIME HIGH — Why didn’t you listen?

Well I posted a couple days ago that I traded 50 percent of all my crypto (a lot of that profit) into USDC so I can just collect that sweet apy for a while. I think it's going to be a tough summer and maybe fall for markets in general.

At this point the only indicator that I'm using is what the economy does and how the fed responds. I don't see 100k or any massive run up/blow off top until monetary policy loosens and rates drop.

We did the hard work in the bear market. I'm curious what you use to track everything ? Koinly? I dont trade. It seems too stressful but I hodl and take profits.

Its likely people mass exit year end or November. Might maneuver to equities with some profit. I want more real-estate but the market is not ideal nor is it worth it with the new capital gains laws.

Decisions decisions?
^ If it is all for votes, I think Trump will agree with just about anything.

We know he is more than just a businessman and economist than Jared Bernstein but I wonder if Trump really knew about Blockchain.
I hope he wins but he dun goofed by not draining the swamp as promised. The corruption today is absolutely insane. Anybody who goes against the machine is a sex trafficking degen because mainstream media. Insert FabricatedStory.jpeg

Scary times. If buddy loses again, we will have more fuck shit and wars. Trump going pro crypto did a huge 180. RFK or Trump is a crypto W.
CWIF lost a leading zero, only 4 or 5 more to go for my airdrop to be worth something.
memecoin ETF is so wishful thinking. it did pump several weeks ago. i think it will have its turn again when momentum is reset.
I’m just busting Rona’s balls on that one, although he did very well with a pre market entry