Creating MMA shirts -- Your ideas?

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Dec 5, 2004
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So we are looking at doing up some more t-shirts for our website. I think we'll have some very creative and fun designs that people will like, but I was really interested in knowing what you guys think is cool and not cool for mixed martial arts designs, slogans, sayings, etc.

I know a lot of people have said they are turned off by a lot of the "tough-guy" images, and the use of dogs in the logo. So what would people like to see?

Also, would people be interested in humorous, joking type MMA shirts?

What are some of your favorite MMA websites for t-shirt designs?

Thanks for any and all input,

matpimp has some great stuff. I am a big fan of the style shirts that say "Grappler" or something like that on them.
I haven't seen a lot of shirts that represent No Holds Barred on them, I would like to see a kick ass one with a sweet Tribal tattoo type design. I love Tribal tattoos (Ala Wanderlei's one on his head, but there are a trillion different designs). Of course this would have to be a XXXL Tee for I. Also maybe some short of cool lines down the shoulders to the end of the arm hole or down the side of the shirt sort of what what like adidas does but not straight. I could do some paint images if you need more ideas. Then to finish it off something small on the back like NHB in Small letters on the bottom of the neck or Warrior One in a nice Bold Font.

I got all these ideas in my head and it is hard to translate it to text. :(
Maybe this might sound corny but why not pattern tees after Pro fighter tattoos??
shit that says athletic wear or some type of sport thing instead of fight gear fight wear
something that can be worn everyday and discreet

Nogi comes to mind...very fashionable and nothing over the top
ShadowNINku said:
shit that says athletic wear or some type of sport thing instead of fight gear fight wear
something that can be worn everyday and discreet

Nogi comes to mind...very fashionable and nothing over the top

What? I was just going to start selling a shirt that says "Ask me about my Tee and I'll punch you in your face!" Alright who wants to buy!? :eek:
Scorcho -- thanks, I'll have to check out matpimp's stuff.

Phenom -- cool information to have. I didn't know if people were still into the tribal stuff or not. I'd love to see some of that stuff in your head get expressed over the web, so if you have some extra time, lets see some stuff :)

sir037 said:
I love tribal tattoos too, not quite as much as Kimo but still. That would be pretty cool as long as one of them doesn't look like a tribal armband. I've got a tribal dragon head on one shoulder and am working on another design for my left shoulder. I would definitely go for shirts with something like that.

Sir -- Good information to know. Sounds like the tribal armbar is worn out right now with people? It would be cool if you could get a pic of the tribal dragon head you have. Thanks for your input.

The Genki Sudo shirts with his tats on them is pretty cool, so why not?
Matpimp does have cool stuff. I dig it because it's not too much crap on the shirt. They are plain and to the point. I really like shirts that have small, simple logos (ala HCK's Strength and Honor shirt how it just has their logo in the middle).
I think funny ones would be cool. someone on here has an av with a g.i. joe armbarring another g.i. joe. That kinda stuff is hilarious.




Those are some of the ones that would be PERFECT! on the back of the shirt between the shoulderblades. NOT on the back and in the middle! If you need a positioning chart I could show you. Now as for the front, on The right Sleeve I think NHB in an OLD ENGLISH Font, Maybe 20ish (Not sure how it looks on a Tee) would be awesome. Now, YOU need to come up with a Logo that is original and fresh and have it displayed on the front center of the tee. Maybe embossed and some cool photoshop filter to make it stand out. Offer it in different colors and in XXXL as I said before and you would have a winner and a PhenoM endorsed product! I am on a laptop right now with a shitty touchpad so I cant draw. Maybe if their is a demand I will later. More pics in the next post.
Tribal is too 90's, along with barbed wire.
b0b said:
Tribal is too 90's, along with barbed wire.

Nah, I disagree. It offers a cool, yet simple design that isnt over exaggerated and looks nice. I am saying like have it in the center on the back between the shoulderblades and have the tribal design like maybe 3-5 inches high and and 5-7 inches wide! Nothing too abrasive or brash and in your face, simple yet nice and effective!
I have a KTFO shirt that I got at a grappling tournament that has a tribal design up the side kinda near your ribs. I think tribal is cool but I think that other designs are good too. I think things that say like Property of -------- or whatever are still cool too. I guess anything plain fits me...
for me personally i like the more over the top shirt...big logos, sponsors logos etc...i mean im a big fan of a lot of the fokai shirts because of that...they sometimes put a larger logo near your obliques, or on the arms..i guess im the opposite of most of u guys on that..bit to some it up, simple designs with big logos, in random places, lol
Maybe some shirts that incorprate some mma terms like "sprawlin' n brawlin' ", "ground n pound" , "tap or snap". Or maybe some that incorprate the various types of popular disciplines like jiu-jitsu, muay thai, and vale tudo.

Also fighter t-shirts are really popular (I'm sure if someone made a GSP tee it would sell like hotcakes.). You could make up tees for the fighters you sponsor, like No Gi does.