Cormier wants Jones, Mir


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Jun 14, 2011
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On Jones:

"If I was ever offered that fight, there would be no hesitation on signing the contract. I'd do it."

"I think it's a good matchup and I really do think he's the best," Cormier said." I think he's the best. ... As I prepare for my fight with Dion, I'm preparing for Junior dos Santos, I'm preparing for Jon Jones, I'm always preparing for the best guy."

On Mir:

"That's the that fight I want," Cormier said. "Listen, Frank Mir and I have some unfinished business. I had put in a full camp training camp for Frank, and to not get to fight him at the end of it was disappointing. So hopefully I get through this fight with Dion, hopefully the hand holds up this time and I don't break it or anything, and then I can win the fight and move on to Frank. I would like to fight Dion in January, then hopefully I know the montreal card is filling up pretty nicely, but I'd like Frank and I to be on the one after that."

"There aren't many guys you're going to get whose name value is as high as Frank Mir," Cormier said. "Matt Mitrione, who main evented a UFC card over the weekend, then you come to find that Cheick Kongo was also offered the fight, so, some pretty decent names were being thrown around. So when you get someone who hasn't fight in the United States before for Strikeforce ofr the UFC, its obviously going to be a drop-off in name value, but it's all relative to what I'm trying to do here. It's another step in my journey."

"My first UFC fight is going to be against Frank Mir regardless of what happens," Cormier said. "There's a lot of decisions to make. I think the UFC has made it pretty clear that Alistair Overeem is the guy they want to fight next for the belt, he was pretty close to getting a title shot before the suspension. There's some work to be done for Cain and myself before that actually becomes our reality. I could lose to Dion Staring, I could lose to Frank Mir afterwards, I could be 3-4 fights away from a championship, or I could win both of those fights and then we really have a conversation to have."

"I've never really been the one who calls guys out and tries to set my next fight and this fight or whoever," Cormier said. "But, so when they said this is the guy you're fighting, it's not my job to make fights, I tried that and people kinda jumped down my throat for trying to fight Jon Jones. That's really not me. But obviously that's kind of the way it needs to be now."
Would love to see both, I prefer the former.

Sick AV TS.
Mir vs Barnett instead
Let DC have the winner of Werdum/Nogueira or Struve/Hunt
big fan of dc's attitude here. he really keeps everything in perspective. i like that.
He would KO Mir pretty easily.
Jones would be a fun fight.
I think he should start with Nelson.
A lot of great options for D.C. Hopefully his hand doesn't become a chronic issue.
All fighters want a piece of jones if by some small chance they beat him then good for them an if you get beat up oh well your still top 5 for years to come
This guy started MMA too late to have a big career.. He's got maybe 2 or 3 years left..
I think Cormier would be a force to reckon with at 205. His wrestling is top notch but at his age, he doesn't have a whole lot of years to go unfortunately.
He's a bad match up for jones I'd pick him to take out jones.. Jds on the other hand Is a bad match up for him on the feet anyways. Santos hand speed and range will really show in that fight
im excited for him to fight some of the ufc heavys
He is a better athlete and wrestler than either of them, and I think he would box jones up bad (if he could make the weight and perform well at it) and beat the shit out of him on the ground. Cormier's physique is misleading, that dude is such a savage. Those slams on barnett, damn son. That man is as strong as a gorilla. Who else has manhandled barnett like that? Nobody. Mir wouldn't have an answer to that handspeed and power either.