Cheating my Deadlift?

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Jun 2, 2002
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Okay, I recently decided to use my straight leg deadlift grip for my deadlift. I reaslly prefer the grip, and it feels alot better! I can also get more weight up this way. Its pretty much the normal grip, sep I have my right palm pointing the opposite way, while my left hand is still in placed in its normal position. Is this cheating on my deadlifts? I usually dont do this until I get to the point where the weight is starting to really become hard to lift off. Up to this point my deadlift max was maybe around 275, but when I changed up my grip I easily got 315, and think I could have done alittle more. Is this taking away from any strength gains? I am sure its taking away maybe alittle from gripping, but I can do with alittle strength gains being taken away from grip as long as I can build more whole body strength.
So basically one palm out, one palm in. Alternate grip. You're fine. That's what most people use on really heavy lifts.
Yeah thats it, thanks for the help. I felt kinda bad doing it, and wanted to make sure I wasn't cheating myself. Now I feel no guilt! :p
Urban might come in here and try to convince you that you're a horrible person who needs better grip. Becareful. I suggest just nodding like you're actually listening.
no, I use an alternating grip on deadlifts. Though, I usually stick with double overhand when I can. Alternating grip still puts significant strain on your lower arms, but allows you to move more weight, to me that seems to be the way to go. Plus, with the grip work you're doing on the side it shouldn't really be that much a concern to take some of the strain off your hands... you ARE doing grip work on the side right?
I don't mean to bring a dead thread back to life, but I've been kind of wondering about my DL grip, and this is the best thread that I could find with the search function.

Anyhow, damn near everything I've read has said to use a mixed grip for deadlifts (one palm in, one palm out), and every time I've tried it, it's just felt unnatural, and I always go back to a pronated/overhand grip with both hands. Am I robbing myself of a couple of extra pounds on the bar by sticking to the overhand grip, or is that mixed grip not that important or not that important at the (puny) weights I'm lifting?

Edit: that should have been 'pronated' not 'supinated.'
If a grip feels unnatural, I highly doubt you're robbing yourself of poundage by not using it. Personally, I need to use alternating grip for heavy weight, but you should do what feels best.
You will be able to hold mroe weight if you alternate your grip.

But I don't like the way it feels pulling with an alternating grip either, which is why I'm starting to practice hook gripping.

Google "hook grip" and there should be some sites that show you exactly how to do it.

But basically, you are using a double overhead grip, but isntead of just wrapping your thumb around the bar, you wrap your fingers around your thumb. So you turn your thumb under where your fingers would grip the bar, and grip it like that.

it hurts like a bitch at first, but once your thumbs get used to it, you should be able to handle heavy weights.
Use whatever is most comfortable. But are you sure you are using a supinated (curl) grip and not a pronated (overhand) grip? Personally I use the pronated grip up to my heaviest sets, then I use and alternating grip but I switch hand place every other set.
It might feel unnatural at first, but all that means is it's a matter of getting used to it. When I first tried it, I kind of thought the same thing. I felt like it made the weight distribution imbalanced, or kind of lopsided. So what I started doing was alternate grip, but switching the alternate with each set.
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