Chael to Vitor "If you want to see Jesus I'll arrange that for you..."


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Jul 25, 2012
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They showed Vitor's post fight speech and Chael responded with that and said he "accepts" :icon_lol:
Once chael beats jones, vitor will get his chance.

it could happen!!!
Nice! Tough Vitor was actually asking for a rematch against Jones.
Chael officially said he wants Vitor after Jones. So that means Chael will lose 3 fights straight!
Dont talk about Jesus if you gonna fight Vitor....its just gonna motivate him more
Sonnen would work vitor and probably sub him like he did against stann.. Sonnen always has a great game plan and sticks to it
..After seeing what Vitor did to Bisping and seeing the agony Chael had scraping past Bisping I'm going to have to cringe at this one as much as I love Chael.
I thought he was refering to the middleweight belt when he initialy said he wanted the belt. He has no business in the LHW title picture.