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Chael Sonnen "A guy on the roster is ducking fights until his contract expires..."


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Nov 12, 2012
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Chael Sonnen is claiming Rampage Jackson is out of his fight against Glover Teixeira at UFC on FOX 6 next month. Now this is just a RUMOR, and it's from Chael Sonnen, but it will be interesting to see how this "story" unfolds throughout the day.
What a way to break news.. golly. Dana probably leaks it straight to Sonnen
Man... Chael better have the okay from up top...
he might just be taking a shot at both rampage and glover and is saying rampage wont't take a real fight, which means glover isnt a real fight, and rampage ducked chael so
please dont let this be true!
I would like to see Rampage vs Sonnen after Sonnen loses to Jones, I think Rampage would KO Sonnen, Rampage has good TDD and is much stronger.
Strong words. JBJ gets injured in training, Chael Vs. Page. DO IT.
lol @ "Quackson"

Fucking clever, Chael.
Ah man I love Chael's bullshitting hah
Jesus Christ, if this is true, my respect for Rampage takes another hit. Not that he would care, but anyway.
I think now Sonnen is finally avoiding the vicious backlash and venom so often directed at Bisping, Nick Diaz, JBJ and certain others because he is now making it clear that he is not taking himself seriously every time he engages in a flame war and that it is clear that the fundamental point is to get the public as riled as possible and not to be a dickwad because he thinks being a dickwad is so awesome and badass.
The best thing about this is that Chael stayed true to the "Qu" sticking together.
Any word when Chael plans to tell us who it is?

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