Chael Sonnen "A guy on the roster is ducking fights until his contract expires..."

I thought the UFC contract isn't based on a time period,rather it's based on the number of fight a fighter has too perform?
there is a difference between a good fighter with name recognition and a "legend"

C'mon, homie. Rampage has been near the top of the heap for a decade. He certainly gained a legend in Japan after ragdolling Igor, Arona, and many others. Then he came over here, crushed Chuck, whooped Hendo, and was truly a dominant force before TUF and the Forrest loss. He's got a name for a reason. He was feared, charismatic, destructive, and influential at his peak. He's a bonafide legend any way you slice it.

This is like saying Op Ivy aren't legends simply because they never made mainstream hits. Anyone with musical sense knows what kind of impact and impression they made on the music scene not just on Gilman St, but worldwide. Except Rampage has been doing it for over a decade, he didn't burn out after 3 years.
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Rampage: World Champion who has beaten Hall of Fame level fighters and unified UFC and PRIDE Championships in doing so. Rampage earned his belts in the octagon.

Sonnen: Trash talking convicted felonious snitch and a cheater (and still tapped out) who lets his mouth write checks his ass can't cash. A wannabe Champion who never has been one and never will be one. Chael bought his fake belt on e-bay!!

That doesn't change the FACT that Sonnen has never been a Champion and never will be. Winning a non-Title fight =/= earning the Championship.

This is textbook hating. Sonnen did his job, Filho did not make weight. Sonnen has every right to swing that however he wants. He was cheated out of his official title.
Chael is searching for his next pay day after Jones puts a beating on him.

I give it to Chael..he's crafty and these acne plagued suburban teenagers eat it up.

He knows Quinton can sell the fight with a lot of trash talk so he's hoping to slide in and get a fight signed then hype it to Rashad/Rampage levels.

Acne plagued suburban teenagers like the guy who "takes his opponents to the matrix".
Aside from his antics Rampage has a legacy in MMA that is more than secure. History will verify the legend he is in the sport. After all, MMA is about getting it done when it counts. Rampage has been champion and won on his merit. Sonnen had to reduce himself to a carnival barker to secure the fringe in MMA fandom that cares more for juvenile type drama and petty theatre than the actual art of fighting. Sonnen wouldn't have to resort to this if he was more talented and skilled a fighter. Like has ZERO to do with it. Discounting Rampage's legacy demonstrates that you're an MMA poser. That's about it. This is my opinion.

Oh no the juvenile *********ry of "he achieved more therefore he is always right".

Who cares if Sonnen hasn't won a belt yet. I am not a disgusting glory hunter and therefore, I couldn't care less.
I would like to see Rampage vs Sonnen after Sonnen loses to Jones, I think Rampage would KO Sonnen, Rampage has good TDD and is much stronger.

Ariel had a video uploaded last june where he walks around with Rampage in NY or something, one of the topics was about Sonnen being a loud mouth and why Rampage says he wouldn't fight Sonnen because he just holds you down and keeps the fight boring.

It's a great interview and really shows the other side of Rampage, he isn't all that he seems and what people make of him.

Search in Youtube: A Day in NYC with Rampage Jackson
You can't just sit out and wait for a UFC contract to expire it done on a fight-by-fight basis and Rampage still has one fight left.

Indeed it is fight based but that doesn't mean you can't be cut without fulfilling out the fights how many times is he going to pull out(assuming this is true) before the UFC brass get tired of it and cut him anyways? that is a possibility guys have joined UFC had 1 fight but lost and were cut anyways other things can affect your contract and standing with them