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Chad Mendes vs Manny Gamburyan at Ufc 157

Damn is Mendes being Fitch'd. Dude went from Number One Contender to Cody McKenzie entirely too fast.
Wasn't it announced today that Chad would be getting a six month medical suspension?
Mendes is gonna get up in dat ass imo
Manny's got that KO power though.
Really doubt Manny can handle his wrestling.
i got chad by 2nd or 3rd round tko, he's just a better version of Manny
Wow, didn't see this coming. Manny just won a loser gets cut match, and now he's fighting Mendes? I really hope he doesn't get cut if he loses, which he probably will.
Manny is 1-3 in last 4. WEIRD. Judo vs Wrestling is cool.
Mendes via another nice step up but still showcase fight. Should be fun one actually.
I was thinking the same thing.

According to the following link, it says Mendes has a foot injury, but that a doctor could clear him: http://www.mmajunkie.com/news/2012/...nsions-palhares-mendes-beltran-out-six-months

Mendes fighting against Gamburyan isn't helping Mendes' climb back to a title shot at all, it just earns him another paycheck.

I think they're just padding Chad's record right now while the FW title picture sorts itself out.

Besides, at least getting a title shot off of beating non contenders is better than getting ones coming off of losses.
Mendes will beat up on him for 3 rounds. UD