Can you lead with a left hook?

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May 28, 2005
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I was wondering if you can effectively lead with a high left hook. Meaning, without a job or cross before it. Like starting a combo with it. Is this a bad idea, or does it just take a lot of practice.
you'll leave yourself open to a cross. perfect way to get ko'd. ive seen it happen alot, check k1 ernesto hoost vs john kleijn.
Dude, people lead with the left hook all the time, it's a good way to catch people.

The old three-two (left hook-right straight) is one of the most basic combinations in boxing.
Be careful you don't get caught, but it could be effective.
Chthon said:
Dude, people lead with the left hook all the time, it's a good way to catch people.

The old three-two (left hook-right straight) is one of the most basic combinations in boxing.

absolutely. i spar with a guy who uses it all the time... he's a fast dude, that's why it works well. i'm a little slower so i'll lead with it if i'm circling to my right, swivel with a right outer block quickly and then come around with the hook.... the block helps get me chambered and hides it. 3-2-3 is great... especially bringing 2nd hook to th body.
It never worked good for me, so i try not to do it that much. But some guys use it really well. I think its easy to see it coming if you dont do it right.
I lead with my left hook all the time, hook-cross is a great combo. It's also great to catch people with that come in wide, a tight left hook will beat most punches.
of course. the reason it works is b/c anything in fighting works; even low percentage moves. mainly b/c some people don't expect it, especially if you built a rhythm in your opponent to keep parrying.

another time it's good is if someone rushes at you. you backpedal as he chases you, but as you throw the left hook u stay in place so the person closes the distance and runs into your hook range.
it depends on how good a fighter you are. if you can pull the move off really quick then it can be effective, but if you hesitate even slightly it can leave you open for a variety of different attacks
If you can keep your opponent guessing as to whether you're throwing the jab or hook it is effective.
I lead with a left hook to the body all tyhe time then come over the top with my throws off peoples timing but you should practice it alot..See how well it works with sparring partners then utilize it
I love it, but it is *dangerous*. Cthon is right, the left hook/right cross combo is nasty and unexpected.

You can throw it with tolerable safety if you establish your jab first, because the other guy is expecting a jab from your left hand. If he knows you are leading with a hook (as sometimes happens with limited fighters that have no jab and a slow right cross), then you are doomed because he will eat you up with right cross counters.

I still prefer to throw it off the jab though -- double jab, then for the next combo jab/hook/cross. The guy expects the double jab or jab/cross, and the jab/hook combo is really unexpected.

The lead hook gets a bad rap because it is often used out of desperation by fighters without a good jab, which is exactly when it should *not* be used. Its best use is shown by someone like Wlad, who sets it up with a great jab, and then lead hooks you instead of the jab.
I agree with blackbeltnow that it's best used as a counter especially to someone who charges in.
I'd advise against doing it as a way to come in. Better is to launch it from closer range when you've already evaded or blocked his attack.

I am a big fan of throwing an overhand hook with my left hand as a way to come in. Overhand left to straight cross to the body is a really nice and kind of unorthodox combo that has worked well for me. But I spent many an hour throwing about a million leading overhand hooks :p
you can defniately do this and it works like a charm. let the guy throw a punch and when his weight is coming for ward u throw a short left to the ribs. his are instinctively gonna drop, its natural. at that point your left hand is already coming from the head. the only way u can do this is like to shuffle step. then u come with a big right overhand. if you're gonna do it without slipping a punch ur gunna need killer fast hands or do it when breaking away from a clinch
its a dangerous thing to do, but if ur fast enough, u can lead w/ it. But its always best to counter a lazy punch from the opponent, or set up w/ another punch obviously. I actually prefer the 2-3, instead of the 3-2 most people are posting. Trinidad had a nasty 2-3 combo that he'd throw pushing off from a clinch. The reason its dangerous is mostly cuz those who throw a lead hook throw it wrong, as it'll be wide and wild, instead of the crisp short "hopping" hook u see guys like Mayweather (who has the best lead hook imo right now). As a rule, we never let newbies use a lead hook, since 99% of the time it'll be a lead haymaker homerun swing. Lead hook is about timing and speed.
It's something you have to be good at to do effectively. Left Hook, Right Cross combinations are relatively common from experienced fighters.....