Can i tone my body by jogging?


Apr 24, 2005
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Okay i'm 5'9" and weigh just about 155 pounds. I have some definition in my arms.... my gut is fairly big. By jogging can I sweat off a gut and look more toned? Okay also how much would i have to jog? Would a mile and a half be enough lets say 3 times a week be enough? I just wanna look more defined and have a decent six pack.
I think if you do sprints you will have a better overall result then just jogging a set distance 3x a week. Sprints in the morning on an empty stomach , first thing when you get up can have amazing results on your physique. However, make sure your diet and weight training or exercising is also included in your routine, otherwise you will lose muscle mass - and that is a big no no. You can also mix up slow pace joggs and sprints to confuse your body (a system known as HIIT) which is something to the extent of like 3 mins slow pace, 1 min fast, 3 min slow, 30 second sprint, 1 min fast, 4 slow, etc. Someone with more experience in HIIT might give you a better answer though, because my exp in that field is limited. Good luck!
I've done it by just jogging and sprints before but as stated I had a very strict diet
Jogging alone will not really tone your body. Sprints are the best. Your body releases more HGH (I think) hormone when you sprint. Take a look at sprinters versus long distance runners. Some sprinters lift weights, but many just do calisthenics and they have much more toned and muscular bodies.
You need to run and not jog. Mixing in some sprinting would be great too. Work up to it and do as much as you can safely do. Normally we don't say x number of miles per day, but rather x number of miles per week because somedays are long distance days and other days are short and intense to give the proper variety. For best results, change your diet a bit and eat mroe healthily. You will lose the gut and be leaner if you maintain a calorie deficit, that is to say that you are burning more calories than you are ingesting.

I don't think a mile and a half three times a week would be enough to see much change. That is not much excersize and not that often for what you are looking for. But start easy and work up. In the beginning, don't be ashamed to walk if you need to.