Cain Velasquez interested in title fight with Overeem


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Mar 21, 2011
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"Overeem, his stand-up is really good," Velasquez told "Good knees, big guy, strong guy. So basically just see what I can take from the fight. Also I'll watch his past fights, make up a good game plan from there. We'll see what happens in the fight, but he has to win.

"I just want to keep fighting the best guys, and he's been that person for a while."

Velasquez said he's not worried about more extensive drug testing, despite Overeem's recent past."The UFC and also the state (of Nevada are) really good at (drug testing)," Velasquez said. "We all do it, we're all part of it. We all get tested. I know I'm getting tested. I know my opponent is getting tested. I'm happy with that.""Just me as a professional, as a fan as well, I want to see the best guys fight each other, but I also want it fair," Velasquez added.

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If Bigfoot spoils the party, do we get Cain / JDS 3?

No other contenders at the moment.
That will be almost a year from since Big Nog and Werdum are schedule to be on TUF Brazil. Do you want to wait almost a year to see Cain fight next? Sometimes I wonder if fans have brains to think.

I guess he doesn't watch TUF Brazil, just like most people...jackass
Good lord... could you imagine if Struve got a title shot? That would be a joke. The line on that fight would be stupid...
I really like Cain's no BS attitude.

Overeem is definitely the best opponent for Cain at this time. I want to see him against Werdum as well in late 2013.
I am a huge fan of The Reem but I don't think he can beat Cain Velasquez. It is a great fight though and I am dying to see it.
Werdum with a win should get the next

or Hunt/Struve winner

then make JDS-OVereem

They should still schedule Cain with a fight tho even if Overeem loses, because Werdum doesn't fight till June anyway I believe.
After Cain's great performance against JDS, he's going to be pretty confident that he can nullify Overeem's strengths on the feet.
Bigfoot is going to Ko Reem and Nog is going to walk through Werdum so the title shot picture will be a mess.
Overeem vs Velasquez is going to look very similar to Overeem vs Shogun I. Overeem manhandles Velasquez for the first two minutes, but succumbs to Velasquez's pace and aggression.

Velasquez via TKO round 1 (late round 1)
They should still schedule Cain with a fight tho even if Overeem loses, because Werdum doesn't fight till June anyway I believe.

What would that say about the division? Overeem gets suspended for PEDs, loses to a lower top 10 fighter then gets a title shot?

JDS vs Overeem (if he loses) would be ideal.
The division is still weak and top heavy, even with the strikeforce fighters coming in. Seems like we could be watching Overeem, Cain and JDS fighting each other over and over. Throw Cormier in as a wildcard, though he won't fight Cain.
More than likely Overeem will be his next challlenge. I dont see how Bigfoot will win that fight. Fan of both Cain and Overeem.

Idk, Cain is going to have more of a problem coming in for his takedowns like he did against JDS. Overeem has a crazy guillotine and ridiculous knees.

I think the only reason that Cain would be a favorite is cause he's a tough guy to finish with a fast pace and crazy cardio