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BREAKING: Pearson- Sotiropoulos Punched Assistant Coach, Was KO'd During TUF Filming


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Mar 22, 2010
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Crazy if true.

Ross Pearson had his reasons for not shaking George Sotiropoulos' hand following his third-round TKO victory at UFC on FX 6.

Pearson said that Sotiropoulos punched his assistant boxing coach off-camera over a Twitter beef between he and the Aussie.

The boxing coach, Erin Beach, then knocked out Sotiropoulos.

"That's why I said I lost all respect for him and that's why I didn't shake his hands afterwards," Pearson said. "That's why I'm not his friend now – because he acted unprofessional."

Pearson couldn't remember exactly when the incident took place but said it was midway through filming, which, for the six-week filming, means it was in early August.

Pearson said he and Sotiropoulos had been arguing on Twitter, and Beach had inserted himself into the conversation at some point.

Pearson said Sotiropoulos blindsided Beach, who began fighting back. The incident happened "off-camera" on the reality show set in Sydney, he said.

The scrap drew an instant response from UFC President Dana White, who raised Pearson and his team on the phone.

"Dana chewed our heads off," Pearson said. "George was acting unprofessional. I get paid to fight; I don't fight in the streets for free."

While Sotiropoulss' alleged KO would not have fallen within a time frame to preclude him from competing against Pearson, it could have severely affected his preparation if he allowed himself to recover.

Sotiropoulos was "emotional" following his loss, which was his third straight inside the octagon, though the extent of his physical complications from the stoppage weren't known.
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Off camera and the dude KO'd him according to Ross Pearson. Said it happened midway through the season. Source is my mma junkie app.
Off camera and the dude KO'd him according to Ross Pearson. Said it happened midway through the season. Source is my mma junkie app.

That's fucked up if it's true
Elvis is still the greatest Aussie fighter ever!!!!

ROCK & RUMBLE 4EVAH!!!!!!!!!
Doesn't shock me. G-Sot's chin at this point rivals Chuck's Arlovski's and Goulet's.
Haha wow. I guess Dana probably told Pearson not to reveal any of this info until after the fight was over.
Crazy stuff, I find it surprising any top level martial artist would resort to fighting, Unless is was something serious.
Going to need a source besides Pearson to believe a story like that.
Wouldn't Dana know right away if this did happen?

He did, the article said "Dana chewed our heads off".

I'm just saying he's probably still not to happy about it and Sots just lost his 3rd in a row.

I didn't think there was anyway he would be cut, but after this you never know.
hm well everyone was saying a lot of shit happened that they couldnt air or talk about
Interesting .. wonder if this will affect sotiropoulos's ufc future
Good. I'm an Aussie and I wanted Ross to win. George seems like a dick.