Brad Morris Needs a NickName


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Apr 6, 2006
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So before his UFC debut Brad Morris needs a fighter nickname.

I brought this up on a while back and suggested Brad "Borris" Morris but Brad didn't go for it...

Anyone else got something better?
Brad needs no nickname. Others will use his name as nicknames to attempt to steal his power.
There will be guys running around like Chad "the Brad" McGillicuddy, and Johann "Morris" Wittenstein.
When I first read it, with the emphasis on the syllables in his name the way they are, 'the Blaster' came to mind.

Brad 'The Blaster' Morris.

my $.02
Brad "Chuck Norris" Morris
Someone said something about "thunder from down under", I like this one.
Send pms to the Sherdog Radio personalities asking for a Brad Morris interview.
brad "yobbo" morris
brad "westie" morris

Brad "kangaroo punch" Morris.
Thunder from down under (like the male strippers)
Rad Brad
Mad Brad
Brad "I'll rip your fuckin head off with one hand" Morris