bjj used in street fight (vide)

and those were wrestling takedowns

he's obviously a wrestling/muaythai fighter
Wow. That guy's groundgame was awful. I could have swept him by accident.
thats not bjj, he threw punches.

I don't do wrestling or muai thai, and I can take people down and punch them... in all my street fights (unfortunately I've had a few) I've always taken people down.. it is a missed conseption that a bjj'er cannot do a takedown.. or throw a punch

By the way, the guys seemed to be scoucers (liverpool), there is a probability he trains at wolfslair (around that area)
actually i think that they are scottish

The guy getting beat sounded scousse (liverpool), that's England ;-) the other one, couldn't get it very well, sounded like a Manc accent (the second time I heard it)..

Like there's really a difference
Hahaha! don't tell that to a scotsman! he would hit u with his pint! :D

It looks like he went with the "play dead" defensive posture taught at Tiger Schulman schools worldwide...
LOL!! you are on a roll, keep them coming! :D
As long as he keeps his kilt on, i think we'll be fine.
what was the argument between the guys on the 2nd vid? I could't tell.. to noisy in the beginning
Thats old and staged by Mr. Bravo...he's a weird guy

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