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Oct 16, 2005
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not only bjj but how much do u guys pay for month for grappling(judo,bjj,sambo or sub wrestling). just wondering beause I will start soon and want to know some price ranges.thanx
Your thread is called "bjj price" and your opening line is "not only bjj but..."

You need to work on that.

$100 dollars up front when you first sign up, $100 after that per month.
100 month for 4x a week BJJ + unlimited open mats
130 for unlimited bjj + unlimited open mat
add 35 for 2nd art (Boxing/Muay Thai)
and 20 for 3rd art
$25 - 3.5 months. Judo. Unlimited class time when available.
about 85 a month for like 2 instructions a week and any time you want come in and roll but the instructors are VERY lax when it comes to the 2 instructions a week. I come in about 4 times a week and they just are glad people keep on coming.
About $200 per month unlimited, about $130/month for 2x per week.

But it's in west Los Angeles, pretty expensive area in which to live. Rickson's school commands top dollar in So Cal.
$150 a month, unlimited, BJJ,Boxing,Wrestling,Judo,Kickboxing... depends on what the instructor thinks we need.. so it could be grappling this week and next, no gi or gi, then next next week wrestling... well he observes and does alot of 1 on 1..
wow, i paid $130 A YEAR for judo
$50 a month for MMA grappling

and i used to pay $96 for BJJ

(Prices are in CND)
Around here prices are usually in the range of $100 - $110 a month.

The school I'm looking into right now is $125 a month, $105 a month if you sign up for 6 months, $90 a month if you sign up for 12 months.
95/mo for Judo, BJJ, Muay Thai, and Vale Tudo.
My god...100+ pr. month?? Guess everything exept mma and bjj is freakishly expensive in Norway then.
140 unlimited

But my best advice is to shop around based on these criteria:
1) What's available and how close to your house (if there's no other school in town, then you'll have to pay their price, end of story...also, if you're new and have choices, you REALLY SHOULD go somewhere close/easy to get to, or else you'll drop out FAST)
2) How you like the class structure/instructors/other guys (take a free class, get the feel of the place, pick the place you're MOST comfortable with)
3) Try to do just a month at a time first (see if you like it...don't get suckered into a long-term contract if you're just starting)

Money is important...hell I'm broke just like a lot of you guys. But the "best" price is the one that you gladly pay month after month because you're getting exactly the instruction/education/attention/exercise/fun that you're looking for every month. I pay more per month now than I did at my old school, but the overall experience is WAY WORTH it (plus I'm going more often cause it's closer, so per class I'm paying LESS). Don't just pick the cheapest place based on money alone, and don't assume that the most expensive is the best FOR YOU.