BJJ in Northern Ireland


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Sep 15, 2007
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Anybody know where you can take BJJ classes in Northern Ireland? Google doesn't turn up much info.
I'm only aware of the two in and around Belfast:

Gracie Barra NI
Valley Leisure Centre
40 Church Rd
Newtownabbey, BT36 7LJ

QUB Revolution Team
Queen's University Belfast,
Physical Education Centre,
Botanic Gardens,
Belfast, BT9 5EX

I can personally recommend the latter, having trained with a bunch of guys from there: great group of people. I'm told there are also other BJJ clubs towards the border, but no specifics: would be interested in knowing exactly where, as then I could add them to the UK map.
The only Chris Brennan school I am aware of in Ireland is in the Loughlinstown, outside Dublin.

There are several MMA clubs in the six counties.
Northern Ireland is great for judo, you could look into joining one of the university clubs, queens and jordanstown are always very strong.
good thread. A kid from my school is spending about a month there this summer. I'll have to tell him about these places so he doesn't fall behind
The main sbg place is in Dublin. I think there is an affiliated training group, Kyoujin or something like that, in the north
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