Bad wrist



When i train or workout, the wrist on my left hand would somtimes hurt. It feels as if there is an air pocket inside and i feel as if i need to crack it back in place. Anway to fix this?
Not sure about the airpocket, but I have alot of problems with my right wrist, and there is not much you can do about it except rest. It swells (painfully) everytime I get an infection too (the imune system attacking the joint, the same as arthritis I would imagine). I have trouble with benching, sometimes with squats, with pushups and a bunch of other things, and ocaisonally I have to twist it to snap it back into place. I have morelimitedrange of motion than is normal as well. Just bad joints I guess and I don't know of anything you can do about it.
Go see a doctor, there's a whole bunch of injuries you can do to your wrist and some of them can be fixed if caught early enough, most will simply get worst if trained on without treatment. When I started MT noone impressed upon me quite how important it was to use handwraps when working the pads, as a result I have a buggered tendon in the back of my hand which means I have to be very careful how i train.

So see a doctor, unless you want to end up icing your wrist every time you train.