ATG squats


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May 25, 2008
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does anyone here do atg squats. I just started them two weeks ago but they dont seem to be any better than normal squats. I also feel more strain in my hamstrings but I want to target my quads in squats.

I started them to try to increase squatting weight more, but they don't seem to help much, any suggestions on other variations that are good?
I do ATG squats. I notice a very big difference when I go ATG and when I do not.
What are you calling ATG and normal? Forgive me, but the average gym goers has widely varying opinions of just what a deep squat is.
when i do atg i go down as low as i can, until my but almost touches my heels with my calves ending up being pushed against my hamstrings.
I too go as low as I can. I feel I benefit from more power doing it ATG.
Damn my lanky legs. When I go ATG I bend to far forward and I'll probably implode if I used heavy weight. Slightly below parallel for me.
No we only do 1/4 squats around here.
If you want quad development do ATG front squat.
Why would you want to "target your quads"?

And really, why would you want to develop your posterior chain anyway?
front squats

first time i did them, i couldnt walk up stairs, its like every inch of my quads hurt
god I love what ATG squats did to my butt. Doesn't seem to be great for quad devopment though, I started doing leg press :redface:
Is it normal for ATG squats to make your ass the size of the moon? Because that's what it did to mine.

I had to buy a lot of new clothes but at least I'm lifting more and with better form now.
You don't get big accidentally. You have to lift big and eat big to get that way. If you don't want hypertrophy, don't eat so much. You can still get a lot stronger than baseline through nervous system adaptations, though not as strong as someone who lifts big and eats big.
I want to do ATG, but I am not flexible enough to do it without rounding my back. I am still working on it though.