Anyone else think Winslow wasn't bad tonight?

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Sep 3, 2010
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She's been doing pretty good, she's noticing things like fence grabs and short grabs and being very vocal about it.

much improved.
She has improved a bit. Now if she could only improve her looks by 1000%.
I was thinking that she was doing really well tonight. Seems to be really on top of everything.
she smacked Tim's injured hand and probably should have taken a point for the eye poke, that looked pretty bad. Being not as terrible as usual does not make her good
I was just thinking about how terrible she is...
I think that she's the worst ref in the UFC and it isn't even close, but she has done pretty well tonight.
Yeah, when I saw that she was the ref for this fight I was worried but she brought her A game for sure... I saw the mouth piece fall but didn't catch the eye poke at all.
She let that fight go on way too long. Boetsch obviously couldn't see, and was finished a long time before she called it. We don't need sympathetic referees.
yup that was a really good stoppage

Shoulda checked on the cuts before the stoppage.
It was kind of painful to watch the last couple minutes of that.

agreed, small mistake.