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Anyone been KO'd before?

been rocked once in training. It didn't hurt but I went on another planet for a while and had a strong deja-vu sensation, like in the matrix.
I spoke to ppl who'd just being ko'd however and they didn't even remember what they'd been doing. So, we'll never know if it hurts.
BritishJuJitsu said:
If you did, what'd it feel like? Did it hurt at all or...you didn't notice?

It hurt the next day. Headaches and my jaw hurt big time. Not very pleasant.
got knocked out by my own son once i was taken him on the pads we were working the thai clinch his knee slipped of the pad and knocked me out cold to be honest never felt a thing woke up with a big lump and massive headache quite a exsperience.
I was KO'd by an elbow to the face at Krav Maga training. Just a bit dark from the sides, everything moving in a dizzy way and my instructor's voice really, really far. After trying to look at a certain point things slowly return to place. My partners told me that I moved as if I was training Drunken Fist Kung Fu :p
Only by chokes in practice. I kept grappling, then everything went progressively downhill from there.
i was koed by a liver shot

one of the worst kinds of ko, believe me
I've never been KO'd. I've been knocked down in boxing but never really that rocked in MMA. I've blacked out in training before via RNC. When i came round i have a bad headache
Had a guy take my back once, set the legs in and started teeing off on my head. Of course he caught on temple and put me to sleep. It didn't really hurt at all. In fact when I came to, I didn't even know I'd been KOD.
Wow if this isn't an invitation for all the keyboard warriors to come out of the woodwork I dunno what is.
Once during wrestling practice I was suplexed and wee landed of the might and the back of my head smashed into a conctere floor. I was out for about 20 seconds. I tried to satand up but everything was spinning, like when your drunk and are ready to puke. Plus I had a killer f@#cking headache
Not been knocked out in fights or anything but I got flash KO'd playing basketball.

I jumped up for a ball with some dude and he raised his arms and his elbow caught me flush on the chin. I was out until I hit the floor. No lasting effects like a headache or anything. And nobody noticed that I had been out either, just assumed I had been knocked over. Got to keep on to a vestige of pride.
never been ko'd but one time in a tourny I was fightin this guy and we were goin at it! and then I made one of the dumbest mistakes, I took my eyes off my opponent to look to my sister in the crowd (she was yelling some kind of instructions to me) and WAM! I don't know what kind of kick it was but I know it was a kick. I was rocked and dizzy but my natural reaction was to keep fighting, we were going toe to toe then the bell rang and when I sat in my corner I was tryin to take my gloves off cuz I thought it was the last round and my couche's like "what are you doing we're going to the next round" and I was like "what one more round!" it was only the first round I was lost. and I went on to fight the next rounds and to this very day I don't remember what happend in those last rounds, I just remember standing on the 2nd place stand with my trophie.
i was knocked down in muay thai match with the spinning elbow, it didnt hurt, but i saw hundersd of stars!in training i was rocked few times, it never hrts really but few hours later and the next day for sure!
been ko'd once, fell unconscious once grappling and had one concusion.

ko was from a kick to the head, surprisingly didn't hurt. i remember looking at the guy during our sparring practice and then the next thing i remember is him leaning over me and saying "are you ok? are you ok? i'm so sorry" and slowly coming to with a warm fuzzy feeling. the room was turing a bit and eventually evened out.

being choked out was just plain weird. actually, it wasn't from a choke. i normally tap if i'm in any danger. i was in side mount but the guy had his arm wrapped around my head and a lot of pressure on the back of my neck. i remember my vision turning really foggy, sort of whiteish/grey, i think i tried to tap at that point but then things just went black. woke up not too long after and things were pretty normal.

concusion sucked most of all. to this day i can't remember my day at school at all. before or after. my friends and i were horsing around in the gym and i fell off a mat about 8 ft. head first into the floor. (4 ft high mat that i was standing on that was knocked out from under me). didn't know where my locker was, where the cafeteria was, nothing. luckily my friend was there who had a locker next to mine and i followed him back. even more lucky was that i didn't use a lock that day because i completely forgot my combo. had to "lose" my lock and get a new one. the only thing i remember from that day was following my friend to my locker and then following him to the cafeteria to eat. fucking scary day! miraculously, no bruise, no bump, no headache, no sleepiness. rock head? i don't know.
i don't remember feeling a headache. i remember needing to piss real bad afterwards.

i was apparently only out for like 5 seconds. i was not fully with it for a few minutes.
i was KOed in a fight at a freestyle combat show in kenosha in september of 04. all i remember about the fight was seeing the guy across the ring then my next memory is sitting in the locker room with a dr looking at my eyes with a flashlight. i felt drunk for the next 4-5 hours until i finally went to sleep, the next couple of days just felt like i had a massive hangover
Yup, took a square shot in the jaw, and dropped like a rock from what I was told. I didn't remember what happened when I came to a few seconds later but it didn't hurt until later on in the day. Think nasty hangover plus a massive bruise