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    "Hmmm... You are doing a split routine. For a beginner such as yourself, you can probably do anything and make improvements. However, I would rather see you do a full body workout on MWF. On each day do the following:
    1. Squat OR deadlift OR variation (you need a big lower body lift)
    2. Bench, db bench, OR incline bench (you need a big upper body lift)
    3. Pull ups OR rows (you need a big back lift)
    4. A posterior chain lift (RDL, rev hyper, GHG raise)
    5. Anything else you have energy for...shoulders, biceps, etc.

    Since you are looking for hypertrophy, keep the reps in the mid range 6 - 12 and don't get too excited about your conditioning. If you use too much enegery there, you will undermine your efforts to build muscle."

    That does sound pretty intresting. But so does Gordon's suggestion. Fuck, this is the hardest thing ever...

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