Any tips on deadlifting a sandbag?


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Feb 2, 2005
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I'm going to make another sandbag just for deadlifting only as the one i use for squatting is too light (although getting it into proper position is practically a work out in itself before squatting). Should i stand on something to create more space?

Should i tie ropes around it for handles? Any thoghts?
Using ropes on a sandbag to deadlift it kind of negates the effectiveness of the bag. You could use a rope around a barbell instead. Personally I don't really liked deadlifting with sandbags, I prefer shouldering them.
Don't deadlift a sandbag. shouldering is better, cleans are better, snatches are better, carries are better, throws are better... there are better ways to spend your time with a sandbag than deadlifting it.
I also get the best workout with shouldering/carrying sandbags. Or best of all, both.

When I was doing sandbag training my workout would look something like this:
Shoulder and Carry (for trips around house)
Bear Hug and Carry (for trips around house)
Put it on like a rucksack and walk (for trips around house)
Shoulder and load to platform (in this case a deck rail) for reps or time

My "course" around my yard/house involved going up/down a few stairs as well as up a slight embankment and a wooden ramp.

Shouldering and carrying a sandbag will murder your oqliques and abs.
I like to shoulder the bag and run up a hill and then throw the bag back down the hill, run down, shoulder it again and repeat. Throwing the bag is fun, just watch out for squirrels, dogs, kids etc.