any grapplers smoke cigarettes?

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May 4, 2006
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do any of you that train consistently, smoke cigarettes? I'm sure a lot of you don't, but i know there are some casual rollers who don't change their lifestyles.

i ask b/c i know of a few guys who still smoke and they're pretty good grapplers. just got me thinking.

also did anyone quit smoking in order to enhance your game? did you notice a huge difference in your performance and overall lifestyle? thanks
I think common sense would say yes it would make your game better , these guys that smoke and train and are still good should consider stopping and really seein how good they could be , plus nothing is worse then rolling with someone who just came in from a smoke before class .
I think common sense would say yes it would make your game better , these guys that smoke and train and are still good should consider stopping and really seein how good they could be , plus nothing is worse then rolling with someone who just came in from a smoke before class .

agree on the common sense, the best smoke is no smoke, obviously. i was just curious b/c these guys never really gas and if they do, it's after a while and at the same rate as the non smokers. just wanted to conduct a little independent research.

as far as smoking before class, my instructor would DEFINITLY say something if anyone wreeked of cigarettes before/during class
There was this huge fat guy at the pan ams in purple belt two years ago.

I thought he would suck because he was obese, and he was huffing down cigarettes right before his fight..

then went out there beat some ass.. and went back out side and smoked another cigarette...

haha.. before, I was laughing at the guy.. after.. he was my hero.
I smoke and I train Judo 7 times a week.

I never smoke an hour before class and never smoke the day before a tournement.
I train judo and bjj about 6 times a week and smoke weed alot and only smoke cigs when im drinking. I know its dumb but I like a smoke once and a while
I smoked for almost 15 years and quit because it's affect on my training ... Something clicked when I was laying on the mat unable to breathe or stand up....I quit for a year and only smoke on occasion on the weekends when I drink.

The difference is enormous, I can breathe and my endurance is much better.

smoking definatly restricts your breathing....quit if you can! That being said I know a few guys that smoke a lot and still are great grapplers......but they'd be better ones if they quit.

My theory is...smoking might not interfer that much with certain peoples grappling and they can still do both, but there is no questions they'd be 'better' if they quit smoking
I used to smoke. Grappling as a smoker wasn't good, but wasn't too bad. Muay Thai as a smoker was a nightmare. It didn't take me long to quit.

Now I smoke socially which amounts to about 1/2 pack over the weekend every other weekend. Smoking less often makes the cigarettes taste/feel so much better, and my stamina has greatly improved.
There's only two guys at my gym who smoke and they both gas quickly regularly.

It's funny because one of them readily admits he needs to quit smoking and that's a big reason why he gases. The other guy will come up with 15 million excuses why he gassed and none of it will be his fault or have to do with smoking.
Whoever is serious about grappling or any sports would not smoke
Hell no. I just started BJJ and quit smoking the day of my first class.
Its so disgusting to roll with people who smoke. Please for the love of God if you smoke and do BJJ stop! you make me want to vomit every time i roll.
I smoked for around 9 years, maybe 10 and recently quit. I felt an overall improvement in health within a few short days and will never look back.

To quit, its simple. Just stop buying the ciggerettes! I had a little help when it came to this, as the company stopped manufacturing my brand. Which ofcourse, was my cue to just quit considering how picky I am about everything.

I use to think advise like that was shotty and was easier said then done. Until I did it, just takes some will power.
i find no sense in smoking think how much money you woul dhave . i think its like $11 a pack where i live so if you smoke a pack a day on average (some smoke more) thats a good chunk of change .

image thats well over what $320 a month jesus .
I smoke cigs and try to train as regularly as i can (which somtimes doesnt happen beacuse of a hectic schedual) There are some things i've noticed. For somone that is untrained, or unuse to doing much physical activity, smoking mixed with training is horrid.

Less cardio, puking, ect ect. But for me, since im a young guy, am in pretty good shape, eat well and only smoke like 6-7 cigs a day, i can handle smoking and training. I feel like it may make me tired quicker, but my recovery rate is still pretty good, like 30sec-1minute.

And as far as smelling like smoke, i hate people that smell like BO but i'm not going to go off and tell them about it or complain. It is what it is, you got 2 guys sweating and grappling, your going to smell some unpleasent stuff.
Theres a guy at my gym who smokes a pack a day and never gasses.

I call him the alpha smoker.
I smoked a pack a day for almost ten years. I quit 9 months, 3 weeks, 6 days, 6 hours, and 50 seconds ago. I have conservatively saved $1440.65 USD. I have not smoked 6065 cigarettes. I will live about 3 weeks and one day longer.

Starting BJJ was the motivation to stay smober. We hit cardio hard in our gym, and my out of shape ass needed all the help I could get.
I Know of a guy whos a police officer and a pt instructor for the military and he smokes regularly and it doesnt adversely effect his cardio at all. Obviously what I just said is wrong because smoking does mess up your body but what I mean is he can perform/out perform alot of really healthy officers and military personnel. I think theres just some people who have a naturally athletic body and cardio system its just a shame they abuse it.