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News Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen 3 In Boxing - San Paulo,Brazil - June 15th

I can accept this kind of stuff when it's an act. I used to be stupid and think he was real but after I opened my eyes I could see he was just a character the whole time. Same with Covington. Some other guys trying to trash talk though make it cringe and take it seriously. These days I miss the talk Chael had because it was funny. The post-Conor period of everybody forcing confrontation at press conferences was embarrassing.

Chael's trash talk and character work was next level, especially for MMA.

Dude was a full blown heel but he was still likeable. Lots of these other MMA fighters don't know how to pull that off. Colby tried but failed pretty badly at it lol.
damn this is like paying to watch Askren box, everyone prepare for disappointment
Wait a minute, so he's not going to fight in that Karate tournament?
I'm supprised they didnt try for Anderson vs Wand in boxing.
The Crews thing was fake. This is the date that was attached to that, so I guess Crews was just being a comedian but Silva has an actual fight being signed
Thanks for the clarity. Luke was full of shit with the karate combat thing then?
He always quits before he’s KOd. First time he’s dropped he’ll quit
He literally took multiple bombs from Fedor that dropped him, yet kept getting back up and fighting. Yes, he does have a tendency to quit, but his chin is clearly very solid. One of the best in MMA.
Why teh fook not.
They earned their right to a twilight payday. (though oddly, neither seemz to need it)

I'd rather see it in boxing than some "old man feble display of MMA" which I have sworn off.

Maybe we need a separate league of old & retired fighters.
I guess we got Bellator for that, but seriously... it's probably better not to encourage these old timerz to keep taking damage.
Awesome, they should call the ppv Stupid & pointless & steroids.
Why wouldn’t they have a grappling match ? He’ll make them both wear gis, since when can Chael box
When he did that I can't think of an earlier case of open heel wwe like behavior. Innovative for the time.

Quick question for you:

Do you like watching guys get fucked FOR FREE?!?!

I agree though, Chael definitely deserves credit for establishing the "heel" promotional tactic.

But i think tyere were a few scattered examples that predate him, however none even remotely close to Chaels level of notoriety.

2008 - Jeff Monson vs Mark Kerr

"Fuck guys for free"

2010 - Chael vs Anderson

"You absolutely suck!!"
Did not expect Sonnen to compete, think Andy will clown him in boxing.
When he did that I can't think of an earlier case of open heel wwe like behavior. Innovative for the time.
Innovative King of All Time. Chael's mic skills stand alone, no one is even close.
Lots of talk about Chael being innovative when he literally just quoted old wrestling promos verbatim. <lol>
So why even say it? No one asked for it, there was no hint to it, then he just drops that him, Silva, Machida, and Bisping is doing this thing. Like confirming it. What a dummy lol.

I hope a media member (or someone) calls him out on this
Saw an ad where Anderson was supposed to be fighting Terry Crews, was that just bait?
If I'm right chael actually has a boxing background so it's not completely Ben askren level. I don't think he wins this though
Loved this video on why Chael's taking this bout.
Basically he talks about not caring what the rule set is, if there's ever a chance to compete against Anderson, he'll take it.