Alexander Karelin - Resistance Bands?


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Feb 26, 2005
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I was wondering if anyone uses resistance bands in their workout routines? I was trying to find what Alexander Karelin did/does for strength training and there is very little info. He does have a website however and the training pics show him doing a lot of exercises with resistance bands. Just wondering if anyone knows what sort of movement he is doing in these pics? And if you guys can tell me any other exercises to do with them?
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If you want information on Band training (not WSB style band training) and want to get started, you can go to and pick up their fabled cables set and the brookfield book on cable training. For longer cables take a trip to your local hardware store and pick up some surgical tubing.

Now asside from telling you to buy stuff, I should probably give you some information. Band training is pretty god damn old. If you consider the archers of medeival europe pulling on bows that were twice as hard as the ones they use for fighting to build strength, then cable training is about 1000 years old. it's had its day in the strongman circuits (in fact, brookfield talks about this in the book), and old time wrestlers used to swear by it.

Two big exercises with cables are the chest expansion and archer pull. Chest expansion is holding the cables out in front of you in each hand (arms extended) then stretching them across your chest (keeping your arms straight) until your arms are in the crucifix position. An archer pull is just like pulling on a bow.

I highly reccomend anyone interested in this kind of training go out and buy the brookfield book first, some sugical tubing from the hardware store to play with second, and the fabled cables third.
Does Brookfield recommend using the bands while wearing a speedo as well?

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Band training was an intergal part of soviet wrestling training program, since the fall of the USSR it has spread. If any of you guys watched the video clip of Fedor training (posted in the mma forum) you saw him beating a tire with a sledgehammer & doing some band training. Same kind of training throughtout the soviet sports programs. Before the fall of the USSR, some soviet wrestlers would make comments about their training when asked: hammering tires, bands & bodyweight lifts (dips & chins/pull ups) little if any weights.
Always thought they were bullshitting until I did a tour of the republic right after the fall and I saw and experienced the training first hand. world class wrestlers taking turns hammering tires and the few barbells around look like they've been there before the formation of the Soviet Union.
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he has trained in america before. i happen to know tha with the bands, he does pummelling and backsteps (arm throws, headlocks). he also did circuit training and his main conditioning while wrestling was buddy/body weight exercises.
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