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30-27 Guillard Is TERRIBLE

Please, lets find who judged 30-27, find him, and get him out of the judging world.
At least Rogan wasted no time in bashing that judge right away.
lol yeah even Joe was like "whoever scored that for melvin should never judge a fight ever again."
All Varner did was lay on him anyways, just fucking bleed.
Maybe it was a mix up of names again? At least I hope that is the case.
That had to read incorrectly. If it wasn't, that judge seriously needs to be fired.

It surely was a mistake. Although knowing the judges it probably wasn't.
It wasn't that bad. Round 2 went to Guillard. The other two rounds were close. I gave them to Varner but I wouldn't have complained if someone gave them to Melvin.