16 year old Rory Mac KOTC fight

i can kind of see why people dont like the guy but anyone who says he isnt a bad ass is either in denial because he messed up bj or they just hate the guy.
i still don't think he can beat guys like gsp, marquardt, koscheck or fitch
That other guy would have copped shit at 22 being beaten by a 16 yr old. Consolation is that that 16yr old turned out to be one of the best WW's on the planet.

You can see his technique was awesome even back then. The way he caught the kick to take down was impressive.

Booty Shaking 1 second in.. can't go wrong there..
"..his future is so bright, he might wanna wear shades Bas."
Im 14 and im barely have a few months training, im so fukin jealous! but he is my favorite fighter so War Rory.
yeah that was highly impressive his demeanor is and was great. definitely the new prodigy.
link dosnt work from video. is there a direct link on youtube?