Jacare should have won that fight vs Gastellum.

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by Ananth, May 16, 2018.

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    RIP Kid Yamamoto
    Go read the new unified rules.
  2. daltonames

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    Why i don't disagree in theory, there is no way the UFC would want anything that would increase the number of fights that end in a draw. With the exception of Hunt vs Big Foot, it's an unsatisfying conclusion to a fight, and it stops divisions from moving when you get draws, which is bad for the sport as well.
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    If what you were saying were true, then why would anyone play football? The NFL doesn't guarantee contracts and the average career length is 3 years. Sure we hear about the stars making a lot, but John Doe who makes $500K for a year or two then gets cut, is SOL. $1 million is garbage money for the rest of your life not to mention the head trauma that comes with it.

    I think MMA has plenty of elite athletes. It's just American like to think only basketball and football players are athletes, wonder why.....
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    Enriched swimming pool
    Meh Gastelum is mediocre at best.
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    when deciding who should get the next title shot, obv the guy who the judges gave the fight to should be ahead.

    but when it comes to skillsets, fans should be less binary. this fight was a virtual draw.

    too many fans simply think "Gastelum won, he's better, Jacare lost, he's worse". those fans are dumb. don't be a dumb fan.
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  6. JustBleed69

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    Nah. Kelvin clearly won.
  7. kumitechamp

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    Maybe if he spent more than half the fight looking like something other than a zombie he might have. He looked much more defeated than kelvin.
  8. Afrikan

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    I think they will get a rematch down th road... and Jacare won't blow his load for a sub early in the fight.

    He knows that he was able to outstrike him... was able to do that while tired as shit. That's Amazing. So I'm sure Jacare will be looking forward to this rematch or his next fight.

    You have to wonder. Jacare was landing some hard shots...that if he was not gassed, would that have hurt Gastlum more? Would it KO/set up a finish with other title contenders?

    I know Jac is close to retirement, but I hope he doesn't let this fight discourage him. Just gotta fight smarter, like how he feels he trains smater now. He underestimated Gastlelums heart and ablity to not get subbed...and went all out to sub/finish him in that 1st round.
  9. Poirierfan

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    Lafayette, Louisiana
    He does look like a tribesman out of the Amazon, that doesn't make him look cool in my mind though, just ugly. lol
  10. daprodigalone

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    it was a dead even fight. what won it for gastelum was how well he reacted to the shots he took. jacare on the other hand was wobbling all over the cage. jacare wasn't prepared for someone who pushes the pace like gastelum.
  11. DS66

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    Yeah I understand that. But at the same time, bad judging decisions are an unsatisfying conclusion to a fight and bad for the sport as well.

    I think we'd all be happy with seeing a Jacare/Kelvin rematch. Rather than judges determining the fate of both of their careers cause they were forced to chose a winner of a 3rd round that was clearly even.
  12. Siesta

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    Feb 24, 2016
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    Don't leave it in the hands of the judges...
  13. wirerat123

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    G'Ville Alabama
    Gastelum isn't improving as much as many would have us believe. I'd say so far many of his wins are not incredibly impressive. He didn't win this fight clear enough IMO to even be considered for a title shot.

    Rockhold or Weidman/Gastelum

    Book it, make the guy prove he's worthy of a title shot. Gastelum seems to get better scores than his fights actually show. I never saw him beating Woodley anywhere, yet they went to a split decision. Against Jacare I don't personally see Gastelum winning that fight, yeah, it was close, but I think Jacare edged that despite being exhausted. I also don't think his split with Magny was close enough to warrant a split either. Gastelum seems to get the benefit of the doubt a great deal. He'll get embarrassed by Whitaker or Romero, probably Rockhold too if that dude ever fights again. Dude is elite, and you'd be a momo to think he's not, but I don't see him ever being Champion elite as long as Whitaker or Romero are above him in rankings. I don't see him beating either of them outside of freak KO.
  14. theantso

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    TS is retarded. Clear win for Gastelum. Nice fight to lb too. Just shut up. I knew sal de amato or whatever his name is would be the idiot to give it to jacare he nearly always fucks up.
    no idea how people think jacare won that or that it was a draw. clear win for gastelum. period. if you thought differently you´re just blatantly wrong
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    Some play football for the finances. Not just the pro pay, but the college scholarships which can equate to >$50,000 per year (when other kids their age are making <$5k a year). And you scoff at $1M but it's not like their income earning potential is over for the rest of their life. most pro players have a college degree and aren't complete idiots. They can work a normal job just like everyone else for decades if they want, but that initial money "windfall" is a huge boost.

    The average NFL salary was $2.1M (back in 2015) and the MINIMUM is $480k (rookie), $555k, $630k, etc. "According to the NFL Players Association, the average NFL career lasts just over three years and translates into average career earnings of about $4 million after taxes."
    [SOURCE: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct...o-broke.html&usg=AOvVaw11ef5ssz3P9gvx7kD_3Inf]

    Then there's you incorrect assertion that playing football for "a year or two" results in "head trauma". CTE typically is seen in players that play for a long ass time. A year or 3 playing pro isn't going to result in CTE in most players (some sure, but the bigger issue is the players that are long term pros and all the players that suffered concussions prior to turning pro).

    Professional athletes (outside of mma) make great money:
    NBA = $6.2M (x 4.8 year average career length = $30M)
    MLB = $4.4M (x 5.6 = $24.64M)
    NHL = $2.9M (x 5.5 = $16M)
    NFL = $2.1M (x 3.5 = $7.35M)

    So what person would turn down the opportunity for free college and then the chance to earn $7-30M by their mid to late 20's? On the other hand you have mma where there are no collegiate scholarships, very little pay for all but a handful of fighters, and one of, if not THE, highest risk of injury. As an example take someone that wins TUF. They fight 3-4 times on the show with little to no pay, then they fight and win the finale to get a contract that potentially (not guaranteed) pays them a total of $100k for 6 fights over 2 years. If your choices are free college and $7M over 3.5 years, or no college and earning only $200k over 4 years, the choice is stupidly simple.

    Also, look at all the football washouts/scrubs that have had a ton of success in mma. Brock won the title. Mitrione has had success in mma. Etc. MMA doesn't get the top athletic talent because financially athletes have to be stupid to pursue mma in lieu of a different sport that pays 10-100 times more.
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  16. Black Blood

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    Close fight. Coulda gone either way. Had Jacare been 10 years younger he woulda won.
  17. Ananth

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    Apr 20, 2015
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    Watch that fight again, and have a word with yourself.

    If damage is considered the criteria for a win, there is no possible way Gastellum wins. If coming close to finishing the fight is the criteria being used, the judges should have given it a draw.

    Kelvin was mounted twice in the first round and was defending armbars for the last minute. While Gastellum's knockdown of Jacare in the second round got him all about 1 minute of influence.
  18. xyzxyz94

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    Jacare's cardio fucked him over. In the third kelvins partially blocked strikes looked more damaging than Jacare landing clean.

    There really shouldn't be an excuse for a guy as decorated in BJJ as he is gettin tired from a few minutes of top control.
  19. kflo

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    Your point was that old guys are at the top because we don’t get younger talent. Well how did we get the old guys at the top? The incentive is better now than ever.

    The hw all american has to start training a new sport to be successful in mma. Any “athlete” has to learn a new sport. Just like it would be pretty hard to start playing any sport, it’s not so easy to just start to play mma. Some take that journey. It will never be an easy one or a sure one.
  20. Gambit MMA

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    some of the judges arent the smartest people, thats for sure

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