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Your Karate is shameful! (Lifting & Fighting log)

Jake Martin

Amateur Fighter
Sep 26, 2004
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I've finally stopped being a lazy dipshit and have decided to run an online log in addition to my paper log. It'll be as much for my own notation as it is for others to read - I type much faster than I write, and this'll give me some reflection time before I actually write down my thoughts on training (which I rarely do, I usually just log the workouts).

My goals right now are gaining strength, while also continuing to work my skills and conditioning. A tall order. I eat a lot of food...but I should probably eat more.

6'1, weighing in at 190 at the moment. I'm a Karateka/Kickboxer but all of my 3 fights have been amateur boxing, so I guess that makes me a boxer by trade. Right now I'm managing a kickboxing gym that's opening up fulltime in September. July/August we run a very limited schedule...but I've still been laxing in my skill work because of it - not from lack of time, but lack of effort on my part.

I'm currently working towards Krav Maga certification, as well, so I can run that program at the gym. Lots of stuff on my plate, plenty of time to do it - but can I stay motivated? OH GOD I DONT KNOW WAAAAH

Anyway...without further adieu, the logging starts NOW.
BTW you should have your Fighter tag this weekend.
Friday 6/27 (starting yesterday as I just switched up my lifts, following Urban's template)


Dips - 25x5, 40x5, 75x3 (and my dip belt broke here...)
supersetted with
elevated clap pushups - BWx3,BWx3,BWx5

DB Bench - 70x10, 80x8, 80x8
supersetted with
DB Row - 60x10, 60x10, 60x10, 60x10

Face pulls - small band x 15, x 15, x15
Standing DB Calf Raises - 140x15, 160x12, 180x12

Aaand..that's that. My row weight was pretty low and I was surprised. My dip weight was pretty low because I started too light, then my fucking belt broke at the end of my last set. I'm in the market for a new one, anyone got any recommendations?


PM: On my own for skill training tonight..

Skipping 1x3m
Shadowboxing 2x3m
Heavy Bag 3x3m (working on 1 combination per minute of each round. Last 30 seconds is free for all)
Shadowbox 1x3m

I had originally planned to do 8 rounds, but I was fucking wiped. It's been a while since I've trained in my garage and the heat sapped my will like nothing else. I need to focus on my shadowboxing more, as movement has always been a big problem for me. Also, head movement, head movement, head movement.
You know the kid Don Juan who whooped my ass last week is from St. Louis, so is my stablemate Jimmy Strohl. And so is former Gymmate Deandre Latimore who wiped the floor with Sechew Powell.

Mussurah's got some pretty wicked fighters in them parts.
Saturday 6/28

Okay, today is a conditioning day. Fun times. So I made up my own circuit, an experiment in using ab-heavy work for conditioning. Wasn't sure how taxing it would be, so I set it for a max repetitions in 15 minutes.

10 Ab-wheel burpees
10 Sandbag overhead throws (throwing it behind my back), 75lb weight used
10 midkicks per/side

Rest as needed.
# completed: 4

It was a lot harder than I had anticipated, I could've gotten five, but twice my sandbag's clip pulled apart and the mini-bags of sand came rolling out, so I had to quickly shove them back in and continue. Lost just enough time (imo) to not make that last complete run through.

Right on Shoto. Welcome.

Thanks for the nudge in the right direction, it only took me two months to actually get around to starting it :icon_chee.

You know the kid Don Juan who whooped my ass last week is from St. Louis, so is my stablemate Jimmy Strohl. And so is former Gymmate Deandre Latimore who wiped the floor with Sechew Powell.

Mussurah's got some pretty wicked fighters in them parts.

Yeah, St. Louis has a really kickin' fight scene. Kansas City and Springfield (my home town) are the only other two close centers for fights, and they both pale in comparison.
My internet has been down since Saturday evening (two hours prior to Pacman/Diaz, so I missed that...) so I am typing this by leeching my neighbor's unsecured internet. Thanks, linksys router!

Monday 6/30


1ARM DB Snatch - 40x1, 60x1, 80x1, 90x1, 100x1

Squat - 150x15, 150x15, 150x15

Bulgarian Split Squat - 80x6, 80x6, 80x6
supersetted with:
GHR - BWx8, BWx8, BWx8

Calf Raises (from floor) 160x15, 160x15, 160x15

My high rep squats are still pathetic, but up quite a bit from when I started focusing on them. Still putting 5lbs on every squat day. Pretty stoked I can still hit a 100lb single arm DB snatch, as I did my St. Wilhelm vid with that a while back - my form is a hell of a lot better now, no pressout.


Wrist & Neck work


Sparring. Technique sparring, two of us alternated in and out every 2 rounds for a third person - he stayed in every round, he got his ass worked. He did a silly number of rounds, but got breaks every 2 as he'd sit out and myself and the other guy would go at it.

My lead leg took a beating, but cryogel is working its magic right now. I managed to land a triple kick (TKD style) AND an axe kick tonight, which meets my quota for throwing unorthodox stuff and makes me very happy that I could actually land them.

All in all lots of progress. It was also fun watching the guy getting most of the sparring work develop over the course of the rounds - by the end he was exchanging and getting his range, where at the beginning he was always too far out or too close.

I'm teaching my first private lesson tomorrow morning and we have our first two group classes to run tomorrow night...fun! Pics of the new gym to follow in a day or so.
Tuesday 7/1


Ran 1.8 Miles

First time running in a while, have a nice 1.8 mile distance behind my house. Decent hill there as well. Felt pretty good, gonna try to routinely do this after a leg day to help recover.


Core circuit


Had our first classes at the new gym, I assisted the boxing class that ended up being a kickboxing class because that's what everybody wanted to do.

Got 3 rounds of hard padwork in with my trainer afterwards. I can already see how this teaching thing is going to interfere with my own training. Gotta work hard to make sure I don't slack off.
Wednesday 7/2

Rest from accessory work, just skill work today.

Nothing too taxing because A) I'm lazy and B) I'm lazy.

Stretching, warmup, some skipping and shadowboxing and then 4x2m rounds of sparring.

Focused on combining punches and kicks - mostly just ending every punch combo with a kick. Seem to be improving in that regard but I still suck at it.
Thursday 6/3


DB OHP -60x7, 60x6, 60x6

Towel Pullup BWx10, BWx10, BWx10, BWx10
supersetted with:
DB French Press 60x10, 70x10, 70x10

Side Press 40x8, 40x8, 40x10
supersetted with:
Hammer Curls 40x10 40x10 40x10

1 Leg Calf Raise - BW x12, BWx15, BWx15
supersetted with:
Calf Hops - BWx6, BWx6, BWx6

Not much to say here. I still feel silly doing isolation work, but I haven't done it in a while so it's a nice change of pace. Side press has increased a lot from the 25lbs I started with - that's a hard ass exercise to stabilize.


3x3m Thai Pads

Taught another class, in total probably 2 hours with after-training chitchat and extra work with some people included - so I did my 3 rounds with my trainer and got the hell out of there.

Gotta stop slacking, but the least I can do is maintenance my skillwork...

Where in Missouri are you and your gym?

Columbia, MO. Home of oh who gives a fuck???
This spot reserved for when I log today's stuff

Columbia, MO. Home of oh who gives a fuck???

I thought that was what Hot Springs, Ar. was the home of. It would explain our higher than usual crime rate.
Friday 7/4
Today...we celebrate...our INDEPENDENCE DAY

3x3m Shadowboxing
4x3m HeavyBag


10x10 Punch Drills (1-2, 1-2, 1-2, 1-2, 1-2...reset, repeat)

10x Midkicks each side x 2 (40 kicks, slight reset before switching legs)


I may go for a run tonight if I'm feeling chipper, since I don't particularly feel like watching fireworks and I can't do callbacks for the gym due to the holiday...

I'm contemplating dropping my heavy lifting and focusing on oly lifts. Every time I do a heavy leg day (one per week) it kills me for 3-5 days afterwards.

I think I can maintain my strength pretty well doing Snatches and C&J exclusively for a few weeks, but I love lifting heavy and would miss it.
Sunday 7/6

Going to work the Oly lifts exclusively for a bit just for a change of pace and because I've never done it before. Also I think it will be easier on my recovery, allowing me to get my sport specific work in (read: getting kicked in the legs repeatedly during sparring without being crippled beforehand)

Clean & Press - 45x1, 95x2, 115x2, 135x2, 145x1, 155x1, 165x1, 165x1, 165x1, 165x1

1 Arm DB Snatch - 60x4, 70x3, 70x3, 70x3, 70x3

AB Circuit:
Wheel Rollouts x5
V-Up x15
Russian Twists x5/side (25lb)

Repeat 3x, 30 sec rest between circuits.


This workout was a lot of fun, put me close to my 1 hour workout time that I limit myself to, but got done with 5 to spare. I was surprised how "heavy" I was able to get my C&P up to the first time out, previously I had only worked it supersetted with heavy DLs and that had limited me quite a bit.

Oly lifts are fun!
Do you find you can press more if cleaning it first? For me, if I do a clean into a sohp, I can always get more than if I just sohp in the power rack....
Monday 7/7

Magic 50

Used 40lb KB for both the snatches and the swings, rested as needed.
Time: 11m15sec, which is only 5 seconds better than my last time (June 12th I think) with the same weights used.

Blaah...Skillwork coming up later today.



5m Skipping
2x3m Shadowboxing
2x3m Double-End Bag
3x3m Heavy Bag
1x3m Shadowboxing

First time training solo in the gym (usually train in my garage solo). The bags here are brand new, so much harder and much more fun to hit. I'm also updating this log from the gym. To the outside world, it looks like I'm doing real work, but if they only knew...

Anyway, I felt pretty pathetic today. Probably the addition of lots of beer and whiskey to my diet. Thankfully I'm over that stage and it's back to working hard (or something close to it)

Do you find you can press more if cleaning it first? For me, if I do a clean into a sohp, I can always get more than if I just sohp in the power rack....

Honestly, I haven't done SOHP with a barbell in a long time, so I haven't a clue. Maybe it has something to do with your nervous system being 'primped' by the clean?
Tuesday 7/8

Rest day from accessory work.

Did 9x2m rounds of sparring. First 3 were straight up technique sparring, second two were situational, and last four were ping-pong.

Starting to get in some axe kicks with regularity, which makes me happy. Other than that, fairly normal.

Also, Ice Spiders is possibly the greatest movie ever.