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d brooks

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Aug 21, 2005
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is this comapny just a gimmick?

i was thinking about getting XTEST Xtreme Testosterone

is it any good
Xyience is a company with very very very high prices for the stuff you get. Just search around for a more generic product and save yourself about 25% on any of their stuff.
Im on the NoXcg3 etc. something of Xyience..

I like it, tastes good, dont know how much of my workout was mental an the other was actually just more energy. (i was very excited about taking this product)

It added 1 hour to my usual work out, an i didnt feel tired @ all. I felt i could go another 2 an half hours.
Visit http://www.unlimitedfightnews.com/xyience.htm to read about the lawsuit they filed against me for exposing the truth about them.

You can read all about their history at http://www.unlimitedfightnews.com/id16.html

That website is fucking obnoxious....obnoxious as in its so ugly and incoherent I have zero desire to even attempt and try to figure out what is going on.

The bars are about the best on the market and the drinks are pretty good too. The rest is just plain overpriced.
To clarify, I think he means the breakfast bars. They are the shit. If you're traveling they are perfect. Easy to eat and digest, a good nutrition balance, some fiber, and best of all, they don't melt.

The cinnamon ones are great.
The "X-Start" breakfast bars are actually pretty damn good, I got some on clearance for 8 bucks and they were orignaly being sold for 35.
Yes! Others have seen the X-Start light.