Xyience XFB AM



I spent 45 bucks on Xyience Xtreme Fat Burner AM and I've been taking them but I dont feel any different. I was expecting to feel amped up like I just drank tons of coffee but nope, dont feel that. Whats it do exactly?

Yes, I bought it because of all the advertising on UFC
Cut your losses and look into a good diet and excersize program.
I've lost 40lbs in 3 months already, I just got stuck at 199lbs and havent been able to lose any weight for the past couple of weeks, so I thought I'd try Xyience (Im 5'11 199lbs)
Well, the next time you feel like spending your money on some new designer supps, just pm me and I will give you my address and then you can send me your money.
You = sucker.

It's been said before, it'll be said again:

Xyience = trash. There's a reason that shit comes in tin cans.
If you still have the receipt go get your money back.
King Kabuki said:
Xyience = trash. There's a reason that shit comes in tin cans.

lol nice way of thinking. You know I wont lie when I saw my very first Xyience commerical I to was interested but then I read up on them first since i'm lazy, I read on a messageboard where 4 guys were saying they werent working for them. Glad I didn't waste money.
I have heard some positive things about xyience products. In general they just seem really expensive for their results, but if you've got the money...