Its a good thing that you choose curls. They are the accepted pillar of strength and will get you loved in this forum. Keep at it tiger.
I was expecting a post about how much strength you lost in a 3 week lay off or something.

You stopped training for a year and you've lost strength then? No shit.
I am shocked! You mean if I get really strong I have to workout and maintain that strength? I can't just workout like a fiend for five years and be strong for the rest of my life?! Fuck that, it's not even worth the effort then.

Just wow....
Huh? You lose strength over time if you don't train? WTF? I thought there was "muscle memory" so that muscles remembered what you did years ago!!!
yeah, it's definitely the holidays. Christmass always emphasizes being bitter and greedy. They should make a holiday in the winter time based around giving and being kind to others... Then maybe people will think these threads are worthwhile.
I remember once I was watching the odd couple on nick at night and the messy guy said "I don't need to exercise! I exercised enough when I was in the army to last my entire life." This thread reminds me of that.