Wrist Flexibility / cleans/front squats


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Feb 25, 2008
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I've got buddy who's having some issues w/ catching a clean due to his wrists hurting. He's using fairly lightweight while learning the movement. My clean form is plagued with all kinds of problems, but wrist flexion is not one of them. I'm looking for something that might help him out (he's switching to pendlay's due to this problem) and keep him cleaning.

let me know if you've got any ideas. appreciate it.
You can stretch your wrists by sticking out your arm and pulling back on your fingers.

Also, using straps will take away some of the need for flexiblity. I've also seen what I call the fat guy front squat which I can get a video of.
The pain goes away after a few weeks. I wouldn't start cleans until he can do front squats without wrist pain.
As mentioned, front squats will help improve flexibility.

Also, before every workout, you can actively stretch the wrists by putting a barbell on the pins of a squat rack, and getting into the rack position. From there, just push, stretch and hold for a few seconds.
I was having wrist-pain problems with cleans, just because I wasn't racking the bar properly.

One error was, I wasn't resting the bar far back enough. I was trying to put it on my upper chest rather than putting it on the clavicles (collarbones).

Another was, I tried to keep my fingers curled around the bar rather than opening them up.

Finally, I didn't get my elbows forward far enough.

You might want to check for those things.
PWO you can stretch using a broomstick under the rack pins
i like my wrist wraps for front squats.