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Chris I know you are pissed and I would be too, but don't get banned over this! We all know Nogi and your awesome products and what is going on is very shady, but not much we can do except buy alot of Nogi stuff :(
b0b said:
Sorry, I don't agree with you. Sherdog has been pretty lax as far as letting companies post here and get free advertising. Especially considering the fact that they sell competing products in a lot of cases. They are just starting to enforce the policy, which is their right.

Sherdog should allow tierd advertising.

Pay Z amount to sponser a forum.
Pay Y amount for a banner on the top of the page.
Pay X amount to be able to post ocassional ads in the G n E forum, like a Platinum Membership.

I am sure standup companies like Nogi, SSF, etc would pay a small fee to advertise here. Ron already pays for Platinum membership.

You obviously didn't read the other 1,001 threads that state that Steve bought exclusive rights to the site, so how could your statment be possible, it isnt. Also Chris and Ron, both from my understanding, tried to get ads on here but were declined.
Well I am going to start by apoligizing to Steve from Sprawl for pointing the finger at him. Aparently they did not know the rules and it was Sherdogs rules all along. I respect where Sprawl is in the industrie and was actually only making jokes in fun in most of my post if you read them correctly. I think we can work something out and I guess only time will tell. SO, again I am sorry Steve and hope I didn't hurt business at all ;)

Now please put our sale back up ;) Just kidding...................but seriously
Mmmmm Those beanies and Hoodies are going to be awesome XMas morning! And I hope the shorts fit! Or it may be a liquid diet for like 10 days :(
Yeah all the shit going on here right now made me talk my girlfriend into buying me a NoGi rashguard and shirt. I was gonna get another guard and shirt but im waiting for the new nogi lineup to come out so she can buy me some more shit. Cant take all her money at once ya know =P
Well, they still allow members to relate their experiences, so if I see a great sale on Nogi or SSF or whatever, I'll be sure to make a thread about it.
Funny stuff. It started out with charging for memberships so that you can start certain kinds of threads now we're going down this road. This is after all not our website, it does belong to someone and they have the right to run it anyway they like. I wish the Sherdog staff the best of luck.

There are plenty of other forums, that those of us who do not like the way things are going, can join. I personally like knowing about deals that are offered to the MMA community, but again this site isn't owned and operated by the MMA community. The people behind Sherdog work very hard at providing news content and hosting this forum and they are to be commended, the site is frickin' huge now and can only get bigger.

Maybe this post will get deleted or maybe this thread will get locked or removed or whatever. I'm much more than someone who sits in front of a keyboard posting random thoughts on a forum. Among other things, I'm an IT tech who happens to have an amateur MMA record of 0-2 and I couldn't be prouder of my 2 losses. I have an undying love for MMA and the utmost respect for anyone that's ever stepped in a cage, a ring, or on a mat.

I might still come by and read some information on some of the other discussions but I wouldn't want to get into trouble for saying that I bought whatever shorts on whoever's site. Sure this site will still be about sharing information, but where will the restrictions stop? Will a bad review of a sponsor's product be the equivalent of fighter bashing?

Maybe I'll get my first yellow card with this post. YEAH!
Meet me in my PM and I will tell you all a secret :)
Secrets are evil Chris......

*watches everyone with shifty eyes >_> <_< *

Fozzy said:
Secrets are evil Chris......

*watches everyone with shifty eyes >_> <_< *


when are you not watchin people with "shifty eyes" Foz :wink:
Foz is big bother now, we must not conform to his rulings. Revolt Revolt! :p