Would you watch an annual "UFC Awards" show?


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Mar 22, 2011
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If they put something like this on FX or FOX...would you be interested in watching it? I think it would be relatively inexpensive for the UFC to put on, and they could even sell tickets for fans to attend.

Here's some examples of awards they could do and ones I would like to see:

-fight of the year
-ko of the year
-ko artist of the year
-submission of the year
-submission artist of the year
-move of the year
-fighter of the year
-comeback fighter of the year
-comeback win of the year
-most promising prospect
-most improved fighter
-close call of the year
-biggest upset of the year
-fight camp of the year
-best card of the year

What do you think? Most of the fighters could be there and it would be really cool to hear them talk about things in hindsight. I think it would be great and I would definitely watch it. Any other thoughts/ideas on this?
Silva wins every category by default.
Nope, wouldn't watch.

But would still create and participate in threads complaining about the ridiculous judging criteria.
Why not just have another card for all the production costs?
I would watch and at time's participate in how "wrong" we think their choices are on Sherdog.

Don't they have an MMA awards where all parties are included?

It pretty much is the UFC award show.
There also needs to be

"Robbery of the Year"

"Decision of the Year"

Overall yes i would watch
Hell no, but if they featured bouts in entirety on the Best of DVD/BluRay, I'd likely buy.
I think most Sherdoggers would both vote and watch if they added categories like:

Lay'n'prayer of the year

Point fighter of the year

Back pedaller of the year
No, I don't watch any awards shows.
Ugh. Hello no. What for? Some committee chooses all the winners? That's dumb for movies and music and anything else, but it's even dumber for a fight sport...
probably yeah, as long as Julian Lane is there to get drunk and bang.
They already have one, practically.

That MMA website awards. The name evades me at present. Pretty sure you can watch it on YouTube

Fighters Only MMA awards
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